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Work with Academic and Career Planner Data

Use the Data Import Manager and Data Export Manager to import or export data to and from PowerSchool.

General Import/Export File Rules

  • Import and export files do not support/include IDs (primary or foreign).

  • The order of the rows does not matter.

  • Flags (columns that begin with "is") are booleans and can be set as the following:

    • Positive: indicate as (case insensitive alphas): true, t, 1, yes, y, or blank

    • Negative: indicate as (case insensitive alphas): false, f, 0, no, or n

  • Column name localization is supported.

  • Import only supports insert, not update or delete. Any updates or deletions are completed within the UI.

Import is expected to be performed early in the school year as initial seeding.

Academic and Career Plan: Setup

  • Columns are specified (import)/selected (export) from the following tables:

    • Cluster (+ any extensions), ClusterType *,

    • Program (+ any extensions), ProgramType *,

    • Credential (+ any extensions) CredentialType *

Extensions are not supported for Types.

Import Business Rules

You can import:

Cluster/ClusterType only

Cluster/ClusterType & Program/ProgramType

Cluster/ClusterType, Program/ProgramType and Credential/CredentialType

Import is hierarchical:

Must have a Cluster to import a Program

Must have a Cluster and Program to import a Credential

You are responsible for creating appropriate data for the import.

There is column size limit validation for names (100 characters) and codes (5 characters).

Associations between tables are made based on each row in the file.

Types and their parents (For example, ClusterType and Cluster).

Association tables ClusterPrograms and ProgramCredentials are populated based upon the import row.

Export Business Rules

Export can be hierarchical depending on the columns selected.

It will be hierarchical if you export all columns,

It is not hierarchical if you only select ProgramName and ProgramCode,

YearID is the only built-In filter and is necessary to retrieve records.

YearID can be entered as the PowerSchool YearId (For example, 29) or 2019.

PowerSchool YearID is calculated starting at year 1990, so 1990 + 29 = 2019.

Example Import/Export File


Academic and Career Plan: Location

Columns are selected from the following tables:



Import Business Rules

You have two import options.

Locality only

Locality and Site

When importing Site, Locality and SiteName is required.

Import files must contain records for a single year. If multiple years of data are being imported, separate import files must be used.

For locality, if isHomeDistrict is TRUE, then a LocalityName is not required because "home_district" (not internationalized) will be saved to the database.

Only one "isHomeDistrict" import row value can be set to true.

Rows that have a SchoolNumber column value are considered to be a home_district school.

SiteName is not required in this instance since the persisted SiteName will be "school_site_###", where ### is the DCID (the SchoolNumber is used to find SchoolDcid).

Address information is ignored.

If address columns are specified, only non-home_district column values will be added to the Site table. The value for State will be identified in the CodeSet table to get the StatesCodeSetId and CountryCodeSetId.

Export Business Rules


"home_district" is exported as District Office. This name is taken from a PowerSchool application cache built upon startup.

Non-home_district LocalityName is exported as it appears in the Site table.

When exporting columns for a "home_district" school (has a Site SchoolDcid column value):

SiteName is exported as the actual Schools.Name value.

SchoolNumber - SchoolDcid is exported as the Schools.School_Number value.

Street - Schools.SchoolAddress

City - Schools.SchoolCity

PostalCode - Schools.SchoolZipCode

State - Schools.SchoolState

Example Import/Export File

YearId,LocalityName,isHomeDistrict, SiteName,isActive,SchoolNumber,Street,LineTwo,Unit,City,PostalCode,State
28,Penryn,false,Acme Auto,true,,123 Main Street,,100,Penryn,95663,CA
28,Penryn,false,Will's Beekeeping,true,,1000 Stinger Way,,250,Loomis,95650,CA
28,District Office,true,Castle Grayskull,true,130,150 Parkshore Dr,,,Folsom,95630,CA,,
28,District Office,true,Beowulf High,true,899020,,,,,,
28,District Office,true,Attendance,true,900000001,,,,,,

Import Academic and Career Plan Data

Use the Data Import Manager to import Academic and Career Plan data into Academic and Career Plan: Setup or Academic and Career Plan: Location.

Export Academic and Career Plan Data

Use the Data Export Manager to export Academic and Career Plan data from PowerSchool Data Sets or Academic and Career Plan. If exporting from Academic and Career Plan, you can export from:

Academic and Career Plan Get* are the Power Queries used by the UI to display values. What is selectable is depends on how the PowerQuery is constructed. Extensions are supported.

Academic and Career Plan* are the tables you can export. IDs and extensions are included.

Academic and Career Plan table extensions.

Populate Setup and Location

After setting up Academic and Career Plan, you can use the Data Export Manager and Data Import Manager functions to populate Setup and Location data for the next year. Export all Academic and Career Plan: Setup, manually change the YearID, and then import the file.

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