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Select Students for Backfill

When performing the three-step backfill process, either select a student or group of students you want to work with or use one of the student selection options on the Backfill Manage page.

If you are performing the one-step backfill process, it is not necessary to make a student selection.

Select a Student of Group of Students

  1. Navigate to the Backfill Management page.
  2. To continue, see Step 2 of Clear Backfill

Use the Student Selection Options

  1. Navigate to the Backfill Management page.
  2.  Do one of the following:
    • Click Select Backfill Students to select all students enrolled in the backfill program during the backfill interval.
    • Click Select Backfill Exception Students to select all students who have had attendance taken in a previously backfilled week.
  3. To continue, see Step 2 of Clear Backfill
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