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Recalculate Daily Attendance

Under certain circumstances, you may need to recalculate the daily attendance minutes. These circumstances may include updating from a previous PowerSchool release or changing the attendance preferences that affects Daily Time Exclusion (DTE). Once this special function is generated, all daily attendance record minutes for each student are updated based on DTE attendance preferences for each school's full year term. 

Note: This special function should be generated after regular business hours, but not during nightly processing. The duration of the special function depends on how many daily attendance and associated Attendance_Time records exist. Run this special function only under the following conditions: no attendance activity is occurring, including recording or importing of attendance records; and no attendance reports are currently running.

  1. Navigate to the Recalculate Daily Attendance Minutes page. 
  2. Select the checkbox next to each school name for which you want to recalculate attendance minutes.

    The school context is critical in determining which schools appear on this page. When working at the district level, all schools in the district that take daily attendance appear. When working at the school level and the school takes daily attendance, the school appears. When working at the school level and the school does not take daily attendance, the school does not appear.

  3. Click Submit
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