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Fitness displays fitness scores for the currently selected term. Your permissions determine your level of access to Fitness data, including the ability to view, add, edit, or delete Fitness scores.

Fitness pages are only available if fitness tests and scales are set up for your district. Refer to the instructions for importing or exporting fitness tests and scales for more information.

Student fitness records automatically transfer with a student who enrolls from another district within the state. This only applies to states with a state-wide implementation.

When viewing transferred student fitness records, you are limited to read-only access to those records.

Add Individual Student Fitness Scores

  1. Navigate to the Fitness Scores page.
  2. Click Add Score.
  3. Choose a Test Type.
  4. Enter the necessary information. The entered result auto-calculates the student's fitness score according to the fitness scale.

    The Score must include a Result or a Score Override. The Score Override options are determined by the district's code set and include a list of possible test exemptions.
  5. Click Save.

Mass-Entry of Fitness Scores

There are multiple ways to access the Group Function to mass enter fitness results.

  1. Navigate to the Fitness Test Results page.

  2. Choose a Test Type.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click a student's name to begin entering results.
  5. Enter the Result and, if applicable, choose from the Score Override options.
  6. Click Save and Next to enter scores for additional students, or click Save and Close.

Edit or Delete Fitness Scores

  1. Navigate to the Fitness Scores page.
  2. Choose a Fitness test from the list.
  3. Manage the test as needed:
    • Edit Fitness Scores
      1. Edit the Result, Score Override, or Notes and Accommodations.
      2. Click Save.
    • Delete Fitness Scores
      1. Click Delete.
      2. Confirm the deletion.
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