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Enhanced Health

Use the Health Setup page to enable Enhanced Health and set enhanced health-related settings.

  • Only applicable if using Enhanced Health.

  • PowerPack Health is not compatible with Enhanced Health. If PowerPack Health is currently enabled, do not enable Enhanced Health.

  • If enhanced health is enabled, once the student has at least one active health concern, legacy active medical alerts display along with the active health concern. Additionally, active health plans associated with the student will also display

Enable Enhanced Health

  1. On the start page, choose District in the main menu.

  2. Click Health Setup.

  3. Click Setup.

  4. Select Enable Enhanced Health System Features.

  5. Select Enable Enhanced Vision Screening Fields to enable additional fields in students' Vision and Color Screening records.

  6. Select Display Office Visits and Screenings entered at other schools to display a student's screenings and office visits entered at a previous school when viewing the student's health records.

  7. Select Default Medication End Date to indicate the default medication end date that appears. It can be updated as needed. Choose the time period that students' medication is valid and may be administered.

  8. Select Hide health insurance questions in E-Registration? to hide health insurance questions in E-Registration, and then select the related display options.

  9. Click Submit.

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