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End-of-Year Process

As the end of the school year approaches, the process of ending the year in PowerSchool becomes significant. To close out the recently completed school year and prepare for the upcoming school year, review PowerSchool's entire end-of-year process, including the procedures that must be performed before actually executing the end-of-year function.

The end-of-year function performs the following:

  • Validates that students have Next School set for the current year prior to running this function.
    If students do not have these values set, use the Set Next School Group Function to enter the values.

  • Validates that a school year term for the next school year has been set up in all schools.

  • Promotes, retains, or demotes students according to each students Next Grade Level.

  • Transfers students from one school to another (in multi-school environments) according to each student's Next School Indicator.

  • Graduates students from district if Next Grade Level is set to 99 and their Next School is set to 999999 (Graduating Students School).

  • Sets each student's Exit Date according to the last day of the school year for that school.

  • Sets the Next Grade for the new enrollment to the next highest grade level.

  • Sets the Next School for the new enrollment to the current school for all students not in the highest grade at the school.

  • Sets the Next School for the new enrollment to the school's default graduating school if student is enrolled in the school's Highest Grade.

  • Carries forward lunch balances while clearing out all financial lunch activity records, including:

    • Removes all individual meal transactions (GLDetail records) for all students and staff members.

    • Moves the current balances for students and staff into the starting balance field.
      The end-of-year process does not change fee balances and transactions.

  • Removes all records of parental access to student records via Internet and telephone, including:

    • PhoneLog records

    • DBLog records

    • Sign In records

    • Bulletin records

  • Copies Courses records to CoursesByYear Archive for the upcoming year.

Before using this function:

  • Set up your next school year using valid dates for each school.

  • Make sure the next year has been created at the District Office.

  • Verify that students graduating from the district have their Next Grade Level set to 99 and their Next School set to 999999 (Graduating Students School).

  • Shut your PowerSchool server down and make an export of your database. Then, store this backup in a safe place so it can be accessed if needed in coming years.

  • If you want a separate, ASCII-export archive copy of your lunch transactions and/or historical grades, go to Export Data Archives (recommended).

  • Run "Perform EOY Validation" process to make sure no validation errors occur.

  • Be sure that the server is able to run uninterrupted (without being shut down) while this process runs through to completion (up to 4 hours).

  • Note that this process is irreversible.

The End-of-Year process will assign students to an FTE for next year based on the "Default for these Grades" FTE option. Please ensure that FTEs exist for next year and that all grade levels have been tied to an FTE for next year, from the School Setup > Full-Time Equivalencies (FTE) > Edit FTE Code page(s). This should be done for all schools in the upcoming school year. If not done, students will not have a valid FTE for next year, and ADA calculations will be inaccurate unless FTEs are manually assigned.

Perform the End-of-Year Process

For instructions on preparing for, validating, and running the end-of-year process, refer to the End-of-Year Process Guide.

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