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Class Attendance Audit Report

Use the Class Attendance Audit report to generate section-specific attendance roster.

Runt the Class Attendance Audit Report

  1. Navigate to the System Reports page.
  2. Select Class Attendance Audit.
  3. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Reporting Segment or Begin Date and Ending Date

    Select which date range to use for this report:

    • Reporting Segment: Choose a reporting segment. For more information about reporting segments, refer to Reporting Segments.
    • Begin Date and Ending Date: Specify a date range in the blank fields using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

    The date entered must fall within the selected school year term.


    Select the teachers for which you want to scan, or select ALL TEACHERS.

    For a staff member to appear in this list, the Staff Status field (accessible on the staff member's Demographics page) must be set to Teacher and Current.


    Select the checkboxes of the periods you want to scan or leave all the checkboxes blank to scan all periods.

    Processing Options

    Select a time to run the report:

    • In Background Now to execute the report immediately in the background.
    • ASAP to execute the report in the order it is received in the Report Queue.
    • At Night to execute the report during the next evening.
    • On Weekend to execute the report during the next weekend.
    • On Specific Date/Time to execute the report on the date and time specified in the Specific Date/Time fields.

    After submitting this report, it will be processed in the report queue. In the header, click Report Queue. The Report Queue - My Jobs page displays all your reports.

    Specific Date/Time

    If you selected the On Specific Date/Time processing option, enter the date to scan using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

    Indicate the hour and minute.

    Data to be Filled

    In this section, select the checkbox next to the following filter fields to save the settings as defaults., choose Set All to select all checkboxes and Reset All to remove all checkboxes next to the following fields.

    Vocational Classes Only

    Select the checkbox to limit the audit to just vocational classes.

    Include Student Number

    Select the checkbox to include the student numbers on the report.

    Header Label 1

    To include sections and courses table data in the header of this report, enter the text you want to appear on the report.

    Field 1

    If you entered text in the Header Label 1 field, enter the code needed to pull the data from the sections and courses table.

    Header Label 2

    refer to Header Label 1.

    Field 2

    refer to Field 1.

    Include Term Name

    Select the checkbox to display the selected term in the header of the report, such as Term: 2009-2010.

    Break to a new page for each

    Indicate how you want page breaks to be applied.

    Do not run this report for reporting segments if segments are longer than 20 school days. Also, you must have the Reporting Segments option selected above when using this option.

    Page Size

    Choose the size of the paper on which you want to print this report. To enter a custom size, enter the horizontal and vertical page measurements in the Custom Size fields.

    Page Orientation

    Choose the page layout. Portrait is a vertical page; landscape is a horizontal page.


    Scale is the finished size of the report. Fit more on a page by reducing it by a percentage, but remember to leave it as large as possible for easier viewing.

  4. Click Submit. The report results display based on the parameters you selected. Depending on your specifications, this could take several minutes.
  5. Print the report from your Web browser or save it to another application. For more information, refer to Report Formatting.
    Asterisks ( * ) appear for days that are off-track for students.
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