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Work with the At Risk Data Grid

The At Risk Data Grid is a data visualization tool that you can set up, enable, and use to quickly and easily view at risk student information for your school or district.

How the Calculation Works

The calculation uses the student's grade by section (for a school) whose start and end dates include the current date. The calculation always chooses the grade for the section with the longest interval (end date - start date); that (usually) corresponds to a term start and end date. The grade scale item color is then used to compute the percentage which determines the percent risk. The percent risk is then mapped to the risk index as a color coded value. In some ways, the percent risk mapping is similar to the attendance conversions that use thresholds to map to attendance values.

Search for At Risk Students

Once setup items have been configured, you can search for At Risk students.

  1. Navigate to the At Risk Students page.
  2. Select the At-Risk Student Count tile you want to review.

You can make the resulting list of students your current selection. You can also download the list of students by selecting Download and choosing the file type.

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