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PowerSchool Learning

PowerSchool Learning is PowerSchool’s learning management and classroom collaboration solution. This plugin integrates PowerSchool Learning with PowerSchool SIS and PowerTeacher Pro. Educators can quickly create and deliver rich, engaging lessons, electronically provide feedback and grades, and collaborate and share best practices. PowerSchool Learning streamlines teacher workflows and communication and seamlessly integrates third-party tools into one portal, so educators can spend more time teaching and less time managing, tracking, and grading assignments. If you use PowerSchool’s student information system, classes are automatically created, populated, and updated regularly in PowerSchool Learning and grades can be pushed automatically into the PowerTeacher Pro.

PowerSchool Learning Setup

To get started, enable the PowerSchool Learning plugin:

  1. Navigate to the Plugin Configuration page.
  2. Locate the PowerSchool Learning plugin.
  3. Select the Enable/Disable checkbox. 
  4. Review the content.
  5. Click Enable to proceed. 

Work with PowerSchool Learning

Once PowerSchool Learning is enabled, PowerSchool Learning can be accessed within the PowerSchool SIS based on Link Details.

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