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Substitute Sign In Permissions

Substitute teachers at your school can use the PowerSchool SIS Substitute portal to enter attendance and lunch counts for the classes they are covering. In order for substitute teachers to sign in to the PowerSchool SIS Substitute portal, you will need to provide them with the school's PowerSchool SIS Substitute portal URL, the name of the school, the name of the teacher for whom you are substituting, and a password. For more information, refer to the PowerSchool SIS Substitute Portal.

Set Substitute Sign In Settings

  1. Navigate to the Define Substitute Password page.

  2. Use the table following this list to enter information in the fields.

  3. Click Submit.



Sub Sign In Password

Enter the substitute password.

Include current date?

Select the checkbox to include the current date as a prefix to the password.

Enable Substitute Teacher Sign In

Use the System Security Settings page to manage substitute teacher sign-in.

  1. Navigate to the System Security Settings page.

  2. Select Enable Substitute Teacher Sign In.

  3. Click Submit.

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