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Other Information DATs






^[]Displays today’s date: Month Day Year.

Today’s date is ^[].

Today’s date is October 1, 2008.

Date (short)^[]Displays today’s date.

Today’s date is ^[].

Today’s date is 10/1/08.

Date Format

^[date;dateformat=xxx]Displays today’s date in the specified format.

Today’s date is ^[date;dateformat=dd mm yyyy].

Today’s date is 1 10 2008.

IP Address^[ip address]Displays the IP address of the user.

Report printed from ^[ip address].

Report printed from

Mathematic Modifier^(fieldname;operatorvalue)Add, subtract, multiply or divide a value in a static field.

11 plus 1 = ^(grade_level;+1)

11 plus 1 = 12

Page Number^[pagenumber]Displays the page number, starting with 1.

Page ^[pagenumber]

Page 1

PowerSchool Version^[version]Displays the version of PowerSchool.

Printed using PowerSchool version ^[version].

Printed using PowerSchool version

Report Name^[reportname]Displays the name of the report.

This report is the ^[reportname].

This report is the Final High School Transcript.

Text Modifier^(fieldname;text)

Converts the numeric value to the text representation for certain fields:

  • teacher
  • teacherid
  • userid
  • course_number
  • studentid
  • school
  • nextschool
  • Fields ending with schoolid  

Students School: ^([students]schoolid;text)

Students School: Apple Grove High

Time^[time]Displays the time in format 00:00.

The report ran at ^[time].

The report ran at 02:57.

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