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Work with Daily Time Exclusion

Once setup items have been configured, you can:

Schedule Students into Excluded Section

Schedule students into the defined excluded period or section. To schedule a group of students into a specific excluded section, use the Mass Enroll function. Or, schedule students on an individual basis

Take Attendance for Excluded Section

Administrative staff must enter attendance for students who come to school after the attendance period, leave school early, or leave school for an appointment and return later during the same school day. If the student arrives to school after the attendance period, even though a teacher for another period marks the student as present or tardy (if meeting attendance method is used), the student's minutes will not be calculated and stored for ADA. The attendance administrator must enter the student's arrival through the New Daily Attendance page. Only attendance taken by the teacher during the period defined as the attendance period calculates the ADA minutes. For more information, refer to Daily Attendance.

Update Attendance Views

A special function allows you to update the attendance views as needed, rather than wait for the nightly process to execute. This same functionality automatically runs as part of the nightly process. This update process recalculates and repopulates the Membership Defaults tables based upon the date ranges you specify.

If Day Part Attendance is enabled, this process recalculates and re-populates the Day Part tables based on the date ranges you specify. For more information, see the State and Provincial Reporting Day Part Attendance Setup Guide.

  1. Navigate to the Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data page
  2. Select which Students to Include in the report.
  3. Specify the date range.
  4. Select the Processing OptionsIf you selected On Specific Date/Time, enter the date to execute the report.

  5. Click Submit

After submitting this report, it will be processed in the report queue. On the navigation bar, click Report Queue

Recalculate Daily Time Exclusion Attendance

Under certain circumstances, you may need to recalculate the daily attendance minutes. These circumstances may include:

Once this special function is generated, all daily attendance record minutes for each student are updated based on DTE attendance preferences for each school's full-year term.

  1. Navigate to the Recalculate Daily Attendance Minutes page
  2. Select the checkbox next to each school name for which you want to recalculate attendance minutes. For more information, refer to the field table in Update Attendance Views.

    The school context is critical in determining which schools appear on this page. When in district mode, all schools in the district that take daily attendance appear. When in school mode and the school takes daily attendance, the school appears. When in school mode and the school does not take daily attendance, the school does not appear.

  3. Click Submit

Daily Time Exclusion Reports

All ADA and ADM reports take into account the exclusion of lunch and passing time as appropriate. These reports should be run using the daily attendance mode and the time-to-day conversion option. For more information on these reports, see Membership Reports.

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