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Recalculate Clock In/Clock Out Meeting Attendance

Using the Recalculate Clock In/Clock Out Meeting Attendance function, you can recalculate the minutes present on attendance records in mass, where Clock In/Clock Out records (Attendance_Time) exist, to account for situations where the calculation may be incorrect.

This function may be performed at the school level for an individual school or at the district level for all schools. While running, the function cannot be started again until it has finished. The function may take a few moments. In the meantime, you may navigate away from the page. When returning to the page, be sure to refresh the page to see if the function has finished.

For more information, see Enable Clock In/Clock Out and Clock In/Clock Out.

  1. Navigate to the Clock In/Clock Out Meeting Attendance Calculation page.
  2. Enter the Start Date.
  3. Enter the End Date.
  4. Click Submit.
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