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Print Student Schedules

Use the Student Schedule List report to view the number of courses scheduled by each student. You can also use this report to view each student's schedule. Print student and teacher schedules either before or after you commit your master schedule.

You can also print student schedules using a report card template.

To run this report for a specific group of students, first select those students. Then, select the Use Selected Students checkbox on the Scheduling Reports page before clicking Student Schedule List.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page.
  2. Under Tools, choose Reports.
  3. Click Student Schedule List. The Student Classes Scheduled page displays the following information:




    The numbered list of students.


    The student's name. Click the heading to sort the list by student name.

    % Scheduled

    The percentage of the student's course requests that were fulfilled. Click the heading to sort the list by percentage scheduled.

    Classes Scheduled

    The number of courses that have been scheduled for this student. Click the heading to sort the list by the number of classes scheduled. Click the number per student to view the student's Schedule page.

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