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PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS version is available as of May 6th, 2022. When the installers are available for download, an announcement will be posted on PowerSchool SIS Release Notification on PowerSchool Community.

The System Requirements have been updated with this release to support Windows Server 2019. Additionally, a new section has been added that identifies site URLs that must be added to your network firewall's Allowed List for certain features that rely on internet connectivity to function properly.

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product Area


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Attendance Dashboard

Attendance Dashboard updates include:

  • The Attendance drawer will only display students that are active on the date selected in the search.

  • The Attendance dashboard has been improved to include a tile for the Default Present code. All students that do not have any attendance record will be assumed present and counted in the new tile. The limit of tiles displayed has been removed so that totals will appear for each Attendance Code Category used on the selected date.

Attendance Data Grid

Counselor Role

School staff can now be designated as counselors for a school through the use of a new User Access Role permission. All school counselors are then available to be assigned to students individually using the Modify Info student screen or for multiple students using a group function. The list of staff with a counselor role can be exported using a new Data Export Manager "Staff with Counselor Role" data set or via the PowerSchool API.

Mass Assign Counselor

Student Profile

Daily Bulletin

The Daily Bulletin text editor can now display bulleted and numbered lists properly.

Daily Bulletin

Entry and Exit Codes

Enrollment entry and exit codes are now part of Code Set management. All of the existing codes which were present as part of the Entry and Exit code pages have been copied to the EntryCode or ExitCode Code Set lists so that individual codes can be marked as inactive when no longer needed.

Users can now update existing codes or add new codes from Code Set management. Codes that are in use for student data cannot be deleted.

States without customized entry and exit codes will not see the Entry and Exit code pages. States with customized entry and exit codes will be able to access the Entry and Exit code pages with limited access:

  • There will be no new button to add Entry/Exit codes.

  • There will be no submit button to update the sort order of the Entry/Exit codes.

  • Code, Meaning, sort order fields will be read-only on edit Entry/Exit code pages.

  • Delete buttons will not be present on edit Entry/Exit code pages.

  • All SIS pages will show Entry and Exit codes from Code Set now.

  • Existing codes will be shown on the Entry and Exit code pages with the previous sort orders

Technical Note: All of the updates on Code Sets for Entry and Exit codes will be synced with the GEN table.

Code Sets

Entry and Exit Codes


Importing Test Scores within Quick Import updates include:

  • The TermID field can now be imported. This allows users to set a valid TermID when a Test Date falls outside of a school year.

  • The SchoolID field can now be imported when importing at District Office. If the SchoolID is not provided or populated the current school, District Office, will be used.

  • The field mapping has been improved to provide better column matching.

Quick Import

Naviance Integration

The Naviance plugin in PowerSchool SIS has been updated to utilize student counselor assignments to better support the Naviance integration with PowerSchool SIS. With an upcoming release of Naviance, districts may sync their course catalog, course mapping, and student course data from PowerSchool SIS to be used in Naviance Course Planner. Once course plans have been created in Naviance Course Planner, you can sync course requests from the Naviance Course Planner back to PowerScheduler in PowerSchool SIS.

Naviance Pre Integration Checklist

Integration Quick Guide

Course Planner PowerSchool SIS Integration Reference Guide

Links require access to Naviance Help Center.

Parent and Student Portal

Added a new Site Map page to the parent and student portal which displays all page links that are available as an alternate way to navigate, particularly for users that depend on screen readers or other assistive devices.

Student and Parent Portal

PowerTeacher Gradebook Removal

PowerTeacher Gradebook, PowerTeacher Administrator, and related grading functionality have been removed including the following:

  • PowerTeacher Gradebook

  • PowerTeacher Administrator

  • PowerTeacher Gradebook API (/powerschool-ptg-api/)

  • School and Teacher-Student Info

  • Standard Grade Entry

  • Final Grade Entry

  • Final/Standard Grade Entry Setup

  • Conversion Scales

  • PowerTeacher Gradebook as a Gradebook type for sections

  • A new option of No Gradebook has been added

PowerTeacher Pro - Limit Standard Selection to the Lowest Level

Administrators and teachers can limit the selection of standards on assignments to allow for only standards at the lowest level.

PowerTeacher Pro Administrator - Standards Identifier Extended to 50 Characters

To support the growth of standards and mastery-based grading, the Identifier field in PowerSchool SIS has been extended to support 50 characters.


It is now possible to assign more than one thousand schools to an admin user.

Universal Rostering

The getAllDemographics OneRoster endpoint is now available in Universal Rostering.

Universal Rostering

Windows Server

PowerSchool SIS Oracle 19c database is now certified on Windows Server 2019. Districts on PowerSchool SIS 21.11.1 or later with Oracle 19c may now utilize Windows Server 2019 for both the application and database servers.

System Requirements


Feature or Product Area


Mobile - Privacy Policy

Android and iOS apps were updated to reflect the current privacy policy.

Mobile - Digital Document Delivery

Mobile users who also have Digital Document Delivery can now view notifications in the mobile app when they have documents available. They can also open and view those documents in their native browser. Note: this functionality will be available with the 22.4 release of Digital Document Delivery, and requires PowerSchool SIS version

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Change History

The Change History link is no longer missing when proper system and role permission are assigned.


Comment Bank

The full text will no longer disappear when editing a school comment bank item containing a double quote.



When Advanced Email Settings is disabled:

  • The Message-ID header is included. Previously this header was missing.

  • The PowerSchool Configuration - External Access host name is used during the SMTP handshake process. Previously, the server's IP address was used. This did not conform to the RFC 2821/5321 specification.

When Advanced Email Settings is enabled:

  • The Date header was not properly set.

  • The PowerSchool Configuration - External Access host name is used during the SMTP handshake process. Previously, the server's local host name was used.

  • The School Announcements emails will honor basic HTML formatting.

Guardian Requested Reports:

  • All Guardian requested reports now contain the following text:

    • For current information regarding your student, visit at any time. You can manage your email notification settings on the Email Notifications page in the Student and Parent portal.

  • Grades and Attendance reports also indicate the following text:

    • **This information is provided for convenience only and has not been verified for accuracy. Not intended to be an official report.**



An error no longer occurs when attempting to view or export certain CLOB based fields from Data Export Manager.


Graduation Plan Progress

The credit score will no longer show long decimal values in the Graduation Plan Progress. It will now be rounded to 2 decimals.



A 404 error will no longer occur when clicking Next on the Health Screening and Physical pages.


Import Fitness Grade Scales

Under certain circumstances, when an administrator attempted to import fitness grade scales with items where the Age was 5 or less, the details of the scale would not appear.



When importing records into the Sections table from District Office, validation has been added to ensure the Teacher ID or Teacher Number exists and is valid for the designated Sections.SchoolID also being imported.


Incident Management

Parent codes for the offender will no longer appear as a participant role subcode within Quick Incidents and Incident Templates.



A SchoolnetVersion error will no longer occur in the PowerSchool logs when the SchoolNet plugin is enabled.



There might still be an issue with orgs and academicSession endpoints if the district has more than 1800 schools.



PowerScheduler constraints correctly delete when removing records one after another.


PowerSchool API

The ws/attendance/meeting_interval API no longer returns an error when using new attendance codes.


Public Portal

A String Key Not Found message will no longer appear in the footer when accessing the View Graduation Plan Progress page in the public portal.



The "Number of reports sent out during the specified period" information has been removed from the Parental Access Statistics report. This value has never been populated and always showed two hyphens.



An error no longer occurs when attempting to launch ReportWorks if the current user does not have access to ReportWorks. The ReportWorks login screen will appear to the user.



Data Export Manager no longer indicates default access of True when viewing the effective permissions for a user. This was a reporting issue only and did not grant access.


Special Functions

The results will now honor the value defined in the Scan for this final grade percentage field when running the Search By Grades/Attendance function.



The font used for the Entry and Exit comments in the Previous Enrollments section of the Transfer Info student screen are now consistent with the Current Enrollment section.


Student Graduation Plan

The student header will no longer be missing when accessing the Graduation Plan Progress student screen.



The performance of the Net Access student screen has been improved.



If a student's Guardian Email field contains multiple emails, they will now all be copied when using the Copy function as part of the Family Management process.


PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS comprises several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being misconfigured. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:


Version Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook









State Reporting

Report SDK

Amazon Corretto Java



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