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Manage Contacts

Add Contacts

You can quickly add new contacts using Create Contact. You can also create a new contact from a student's contact page by selecting Add and clicking New Contact.

To add a new contact:

  1. Navigate to the New Contact page.
  2. Enter the demographic information.
  3. Select Exclude This Contact from State Reporting to exclude this contact from state reporting. This option only appears if enabled by PowerSchool Compliance.
  4. A contact is active by default. Deselect if the contact is inactive which will prevent this contact from showing in search results.
  5. Enter Web Account Access information, as needed.
  6. Enter Students information, as needed.
  7. Enter Phone Number information, as needed.
  8. Enter Email Address information, as needed.
  9. Enter Address information, as needed.
  10. Click Submit. The contact is assigned a Contact ID, which will appear at the bottom of the Contact Details.

Edit Contact

You can edit a contact's information by selecting the contact and updating the information as needed. If the contact has web account access, an email notification is sent to the contact's account email address if the contact's first name, last name, username, password, or account email address is changed.

Delete Contact

Deleting a contact will permanently delete the contact, along with all of their associated historical and current data, and their web access account (if present). In most cases, it is preferable to disable a contact record.

Bulk Update Contacts

To edit the information associated with multiple contacts:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Contacts page. 
  2. Choose Contact Status or Access Account Status from Choose Column.
  3. Choose Active or Inactive from Value to Set. Only records with a current value will be updated.
  4. Click Submit
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