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Learning Preferences

With Learning Preferences, you can set up and track student learning preferences as many districts now provide the option of distance learning and/or in-person learning.

Customize Learning Preferences Code Set Values

Use the District Information page to customize the Learning Preferences code set values that appear in the drop-down list on the student Learning Preferences page.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Learning Preferences page.

  2. Select Learning Preferences from the Select Code Set drop-down list.

  3. Click Add New Code. To edit a code, click the Code Value, Description, or Sort Order link of the code you want to edit.

  4. Enter information as needed.

  5. Click Submit.



Code Value

Enter the three-digit code as you want it to appear in the student Learning Preferences drop-down list. This field is required.


Enter a description of the code as you want it to appear in the student Learning Preferences drop-down list. This field is optional.

Sort Order

Enter a number to determine the order in which you want the code to appear in the student Learning Preferences drop-down list relative to other codes. The lower the sort order number, the higher the item appears on the menu.

Effective Start Date

Enter the date the code becomes valid. This field is optional.

Effective End Date

Enter the date the code is no longer valid. This field is optional.

Alternate Report Code

Enter a code that can be used to send to other systems as an alternative to Code Value. This field is optional.

Set as Default

Select this option to set this Code Value as the default within the code set.

Enter Student Learning Preferences for a Student

Use the student Learning Preferences page to enter learning preferences for an individual student.

  1. Navigate to the Digital Equity & Learning Preferences page.
    To edit a student learning preference record, click the Effective Date link of the student record you want to edit.

    To delete a student learning preference record, click the Effective Date link of the student record you want to delete, then Delete, then Confirm Delete.

  2. Enter information as needed:

  3. Click Submit.



Effective Date

Enter the date the record becomes effective.

Learning Preferences

Indicate the method by which the student prefers to learn.

Drop-down list populated using the Learning Preferences

Requested Timeframe

Indicate the time period the learning preferences are effective. When Other is selected, specify other requested timeframe in the Comment field.

Requesting Parent/Guardian

Enter the name of the guardian making this request.

Internet in Residence

Indicate whether or not the internet is available in the residence.

Internet Access

Indicate the type of internet access in the residence.

Internet Performance

Indicate how the internet performs in the residence.

Device Access

Indicate is the student has access to an internet-capable device.

Device Type

If the student has access to a device, indicate the type of device the student has.

Device Serial Number

Enter the serial number of the device, if provided by the school.

Paper Learning Packets

Indicate how the student will receive learning packets.

Enter Student Learning Preferences for Multiple Students

Student records can be manually entered or mass imported into the new S_STU_LEARNINGPREF_C child table using Data Import Manager. To import, begin by exporting the Student DCID and basic identifying fields from the Students table, then add the Student Learning Preferences columns. If a student subsequently needs to change instructional models, enter or import a new record with a new Effective Date.

Export Students

  1. Navigate to the Data Export Manager page. 

  2. Choose Database Extensions as the Category.

  3. Choose S_STU_LEARNINGPREF_C from the Export From drop-down list.

  4. Select the following columns to export:

    • StudentsDCID

    • DeviceAccess

    • DeviceSN

    • DeviceType

    • EffectiveDate

    • InternetAccess

    • InternetInResidence

    • InternetPerformance

    • LearningPrefComments

    • LearningPreference

    • PaperLearningPackets

    • RequestedTime

    • RequestingParentGuardian

  5. Click Next.

  6. Enter the Export File Name.

  7. Choose Comma as the Field Delimiter.

  8. Choose UTF-8 as the Character Set.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Click Export

  11. Save and/or download the export file to your desktop.

Update File

Open the export file, populate information as needed, and save.

Import File

  1. Navigate to the Data Import Manager page. 

  2. In the Select Source and Target section:

    1. Enter the name of or choose the file you want to import.

    2. Import Into into S_STU_LEARNINGPREF_C

    3. Choose Comma as the Field Delimiter.

    4. Choose Unicode as the Character Set.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Import.

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