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Incident Subcodes

Once you have created an incident code, you can then create incident subcodes to further define the incident code. There is no limit to the number of subcodes you can create for each incident code. For example, using the code type of Location, you can create an On School Property incident code. Then, create subcodes such as Athletic Field, Cafeteria, and Playground to further define the On School Property code. 

Code Type




On School Property

Athletic Field

Manage Incident Subcodes

Use this procedure to add an incident subcode. Add as many incident subcodes as needed per incident code.

  1. Navigate to the All Incidents page.

  2. Click Code & Subcode Setup

  3. From the Code Types list, select the appropriate code type.

  4. From the [Code Type] Codes list, select the code for which you want to create a subcode.

  5. Click the Plus (+) button for the selected code. 

  6. Enter the Subcode name. The subcode should not have the same name as the parent code. If it does, it will not display when creating an incident.

  7. Enter the short description for this subcode.

  8. Enter the full description for this subcode.

  9. Enter the State Detail Report Code. This code can be specified by the state department of education, or it can be a district-defined code (for example, dress code violations with several subcodes defined for the type of violation). For state-defined codes, see your PowerSchool state reporting setup guide.

  10. Enter the Display Order.

  11. Select State Reportable to mark this code type reportable to the state department of education.

  12. Select Police Reportable to mark this code type reportable to the local police.

  13. Select Allow Comment to include a comment field for the selected subcode providing the ability to enter additional information about the subcode. If Allow Comment is selected, determine whether you want to Make this Comment Mandatory.

  14. Enter any policy-related information that you want to communicate to users who will be working with this subcode.

  15. Click Submit.

Once you have created an Incident Subcode, you can edit or delete it. To edit a subcode, click edit (the Pencil icon) and make the required changes. To delete a subcode, click edit (the Pencil icon) and click Delete.

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