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Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup

Define final grades/reporting terms for use within the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal and the grade storing process. Typically, one final grade/reporting term is sufficient for tracking summer school grades. However, if multiple summer school sessions exist or if additional grade tracking during summer school is required, add final grades/reporting terms as needed.

Remote Enrollment method: The same final grade/reporting term name must exist at the Summer School and home school, for the relative terms. In most cases this will equate to a "Y1" final grade/reporting term created for the full year term of both the summer school and home school.

Add Final Grades/Reporting Terms

  1. Navigate to the Create Final Grade and Reporting Term page.
  2. Click New under the term for which you want to set up final grades.
  3. Use the following table of descriptions to enter information in the fields that require special considerations:




    Enter a name for this final grade, such as Y1.

    Remote Enrollment: This final grade name must match a final grade name at the student home school in order to store grades.

    Starting Date

    Enter the starting date to indicate the date the term begins using the format mm/dd/yyyy.

    Ending Date

    Enter the ending date to indicate the date the term ends using the format mm/dd/yyyy.

    Suppress Letter Grade Display

    Select this if you do not want to display letter grades in the system and on reports. Only percentage grades appear.

    Suppress Percent Display

    Select this if you do not want to display percent grades in the system on reports. Only letter grades appear.

    At or Above This Level of Attendance Points

    Enter a level of attendance points for the given date range to automatically affect students' grades due to attendance. Otherwise, enter 0 or leave the field blank.

    Change a Student's Grade to

    Enter the grade that students receive after meeting or exceeding the attendance points indicated in the previous field.

  4. Click Submit. The Final Grades Setup page shows the new final grade.
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