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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version is available as of 9/18/2022.


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Admin – Remove Cloud Pre-Registration setup

Customers who use SIS Pre-Registration now have the option to clean up their Cloud Pre-Registration setup. To do so, choose System Setup from the main menu, then select “Enrollment Express - Remove Cloud Pre-Registration Setup” under Enrollment Express Configuration.

Once submitted, all existing AutoComm jobs are cleaned up, Cloud Pre-Registration can no longer be used, and customers can no longer access the Enrollment Express Setup and Remove Cloud Pre-Registration Setup pages.

Note that this process cannot be undone. Customers should only choose this option after they completely migrated to SIS Pre-Registration.

Admin/Parent – Updated Payment plugin

As part of ongoing security procedures, our payment partner Vanco is generating new encryption keys for all ConnexPoint partners. On November 1, 2022, the old keys will expire and only the new keys will be active.

The version of the Payment plugin has been updated with the new encryption keys. PowerSchool highly recommends that you upgrade your environment to version as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition and to allow time for troubleshooting prior to the November 1 cut-off date, if necessary.

If your environment is not upgraded to before November 1, 2022, the payment module will no longer work, and payments will not go through.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Admin – Approval password

When approving a form submission, if the Admin entered an incorrect Approval password that contained certain special characters, the system entered a never-ending loading state and did not return an error message. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Form Builder

When the form builder loaded a new form, users experienced intermittent form loading issues. This issue was resolved.


Admin – SIS Pre-Registration form builder

When building SIS pre-registration forms, elements that were mapped to U_ECOLLECT_ENROLL fields resulted in multiple issues, breaking student enrollment. U_ECOLLECT_ENROLL is a Cloud Pre-Registration asset and should not be used in SIS Pre-Registration. Starting this release, form builders can no longer map U_ECOLLECT_ENROLL fields when creating a new SIS Pre-Registration form or when editing an existing SIS Pre-registration form.


Admin – Spam alert email incorrectly triggered

SIS pre-registration potential suspicious form submissions alert emails were incorrectly triggered. This issue was resolved.


Admin/Parent – Cloud Portals

Some of the portal pages contained clickjacking-related security vulnerabilities. This has been remediated.



Admin/Teacher – Form response

When a teacher who belonged to both the District office and other schools submitted a form response from a school to a custom field, the form response reloaded blank with a yellow flag alert. This issue was resolved.


Parent – SIS Pre Registration submission email

The SIS Pre-Registration Submission confirmation email contained formatting errors. This has been corrected.


Parent – User experience when entering form data

When a parent was in the process of entering form data, the mouse control at times jumped to a different input area. This issue was resolved.


Removed Features/Future Deprecation




Deprecation of Cloud Pre-Registration Process

The now legacy Pre-Registration process in the Cloud Enrollment portal is being deprecated. Starting July 1, 2022, all Pre-Registration forms in the Cloud Enrollment portal will only support the current year (i.e., 2022-2023) as the entry year, preventing the use of the Cloud Pre-Registration process for 2023-2024 and beyond. Additionally, the Cloud Enrollment portal itself will be fully deprecated and taken offline on June 30, 2023.  Any Cloud Pre-Registration data you wish to transfer to PowerSchool SIS should be transferred before this date.

For the 2023-2024 Pre-Registration season, which typically starts February-April 2023, the new Pre-Registration process in PowerSchool SIS must be used.

Deprecation of Cloud Pre-Registration Process

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