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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version is available as of 12/4/2022.

The Ecollect Forms release and above includes important jQuery library updates. PowerSchool highly recommends all customers upgrade their Ecollect Forms and Enrollment Express plugins to version 22.10 or above as soon as possible. Failing to upgrade Ecollect Forms and Enrollment Express before upgrading to an upcoming PowerSchool SIS release will result in some features not functioning correctly.


Product Area


Admin – Create SIS pre-registration form with only Enrollment Express

Customers who only have the Enrollment Express product can now create their own SIS pre-registration form. Administrators can only create one new form at any given time. The new form is separate from the SIS pre-registration form that was synced down.

To create the new form, click New Form on the Forms page and select the Pre-Registration form type.

The new pre-registration form functions the same as the pre-registration form that was synced down.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



Admin – Edit pending responses

When an administrator edited lengthy pending responses and clicked Approved, they received an error. This issue was resolved.


Admin/Parent – Pre-defined values and hidden element data on SIS pre-registration form

When a parent submitted multiple SIS pre-registration forms in short succession within the same browser window or tab, pre-defined field values did not re-appear on the form, and hidden element values did not update for second and subsequent form submissions. This issue was resolved.


Teacher – Access form reports via chart icon

When a teacher clicked the Chart icon on the Teacher portal, reports did not load. This issue was resolved.


Removed Features/Future Deprecation




Deprecation of Cloud Pre-Registration Process

The now legacy Pre-Registration process in the Cloud Enrollment portal is being deprecated. Starting July 1, 2022, all Pre-Registration forms in the Cloud Enrollment portal will only support the current year (i.e., 2022-2023) as the entry year, preventing the use of the Cloud Pre-Registration process for 2023-2024 and beyond. Additionally, the Cloud Enrollment portal itself will be fully deprecated and taken offline on June 30, 2023.  Any Cloud Pre-Registration data you wish to transfer to PowerSchool SIS should be transferred before this date.

For the 2023-2024 Pre-Registration season, which typically starts February-April 2023, the new Pre-Registration process in PowerSchool SIS must be used.

Deprecation of Cloud Pre-Registration Process

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