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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

New Features                 



PowerSchool Mobile Support

Parents can now complete all forms through the PowerSchool Mobile App on Android and iOS.  

All form elements and properties have been updated to respond to mobile screen sizes on both the Mobile App and the Parent Portal. The contact element has significant UI updates to support mobile responsiveness.  

Pre-Registration within PowerSchool SIS  

Admins can now create public-facing pre-registration forms through the Enrollment Express SIS plugin. Forms can be edited and customized with the existing form builder, giving you more flexibility and features.  

You can now use the form builder to: 

  • Add new, custom fields to a pre-registration form.

  • Map custom fields to SIS fields.  

  • Add workflow mapping to a pre-registration form.

  • Translate your pre-registration form. 

  • Define response permissions by leveraging security groups in PowerSchool SIS, providing you full control over accounts. 

  • Configure school preference fields through direct integration to your SIS school list.

  • Optionally decide to automatically enroll students in their approved school instead of using the enrollment school.

  • Support multiple pre-registration forms with unique URLs.

Parents can complete pre-registration forms publicly: 

  • A public link that is hosted within your SIS is automatically generated on saving the form.

  • Each form’s data will be stored within an extended schema in your SIS.

Admins can review and approve pre-registration submissions within the SIS plugin:

  • The Pre-registration Submissions Report will allow admins to approve, edit, reject, and export submissions.

  • Edit pre-registration submissions.

    • Data validation is enforced.

    • Multiple pre-registration submissions at once. 

  • Less duplicate students created.

    • Duplicate student check is now part of the approval workflow. 

    • Improved duplicate student check algorithm.


Product Area


Parent – Contact Information 

When completing a form with a contacts element, parents can now enter new data points that were not accepted previously; “Accepts SMS” for phone numbers and “Address Type” for addresses.  

Admin – Choose to Not Send Email 

You can now choose to not send the initial enrollment email with AccessID and AccessPassword so that you can manage the enrollment process on your own.  

Resolved Issues              

Product Area


Admin - Adding Translations

When editing a translation, clicking outside the modal caused an error on save. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Autocomplete Data Sets

When entering values in a single line text element with autocomplete data sets, the element accepted a few keystrokes and skipped out of the element. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Date Formats

Formatting differences in submitted dates were being treated as different values due to SIS field mapping. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Mirror Function on Checkbox Fields

When using the mirror function to mirror the outcome of checkboxes, it was one submission behind when it was mapped to a PowerSchool field. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Opening Rejected Form

When a form was set to Reset on School Year and a submission was rejected, an error was displayed when opening the response from the form report. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Scheduling Forms

When scheduling a form’s publish dates, if the start or end date was not entered as a valid date, the form list page broke, preventing the user from accessing their forms. Validation was added to resolve the issue.

Admin - Teacher Notification Emails

When a teacher’s userdcid and dcid did not match, submission email notifications were not sent. This issue was resolved.

Parent - Form Submission

When a parent tried to submit a form that previously had an Enhanced Collection Element that was deleted from the form, the form submission was blocked. This issue has been resolved.

Parent - Language Preferences

When a parent selected a language other than the default language on the forms list page, they could not go back to their original language. This issue was resolved.

Parent - Next Form

When submitting a form, if a next form was set up that was published through a scheduled publish, the next form did not appear. This issue was resolved.

Parent - Save Form Later

The Checkbox element was cleared when a parent attempted to use the Save for Later feature. This issue has been resolved.

Parent - Student Support Plan

If a student had a health alert, the student support plan page would not show up. This issue was resolved.

Parent - Student Support Plan Form

When submitting a form that was part of a student support plan and the form was set to clear on submission, the form fields were not cleared on submission. This issue has been resolved.

Parent - Submitting a form with autocomplete data set

The Student Current Schedule autocomplete dataset did not work in the Parent Portal. This issue was resolved.

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