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Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate contacts can be consolidated into a single contact record. Be warned that this function is irreversible. It should only be performed by users that understand how custom data is managed in your specific PowerSchool system. Data that can be merged is moved from the duplicate contacts onto a chosen master contact record. The master is the only record preserved after consolidation. The secondary contacts, and any additional web access accounts, are deleted from PowerSchool. A preview screen is presented before final consolidation, but be sure any additional or custom data tied to these contacts has been consolidated outside of these pages prior to running this operation.

About the Consolidate All Option

  • All data that can be merged will be added to the master record, however whenever there will be data conflicts, the data on the master record "wins". The consolidated contact will always retain the master Access Account, Relationship Type, and Original Contact Type value (if present). To prevent data loss you are encouraged to review each individual contact record and update the master records as necessary before final consolidation. PowerSchool will attempt to retain custom data related to any PowerSchool records that are associated with the master or merged into the master. However, not all custom data will be preserved when duplicate items are encountered across the contacts selected for consolidation.
  • The access account of the master record is always preserved, when present. If the master record does not have an access account then the system will use the access account from another contact in the list, as long as there is only one to choose from. If there is more than one access account to choose from then the system will not be able to resolve which access account should be used. This situation can be avoided by selecting the master contact with the desired access account. You can also first consolidate the master record with the contact that has the desired access account in a separate transaction, after which you can consolidate the master with any other number of contacts.
  • For any given student, the Original Contact Type value is retained on the master record, when present. Otherwise the value from one of the other contacts in the list is used. If there is more than one value for the same student then the system will leave it blank. In this case the correct value can be selected in the preview page before final consolidation.
  • If you want to discard all data except for what is already part of the chosen master record, then use the consolidation option Keep Master Only.

Consolidate Duplicate Contacts

  1. Navigate to the Consolidate Contacts page. 
  2. Note the Master column and verify the correct contact is selected as the master record for the consolidation. If the correct contact is not selected, select the option next to the contact that you want to become the master record for the consolidation. The master record is the only record that will remain after consolidation.
    If a contact is selected as the master, it may not be excluded from the merge.
  3. Note the Exclude column. Select the checkbox next to any contact that you want to exclude from the merge.
    If a contact is excluded from the merge, it may not be selected as the master.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Select the Consolidate All Data to consolidate all contact information into the master record. All core data that can be consolidated from the secondary contacts will be merged.
    • Select the Keep Master Only to discard all contact information expect the master record.
  5. Click Review
  6. Verify the information for the consolidated contact is correct. If not, edit the information as needed. At this stage, you may safely use the browser Back button to return to any prior step of the process. 
    If a warning message appears indicating that the contact has Data Access to one or more students but does not have a Web Access Account, you will need to resolve before being able to proceed. Note the Submit Consolidation button is disabled. To resolve, add a Web Access Account by clicking Add Account just below the warning message and then entering all of the required information, remove all student Data Access scrolling to the Student section and clicking Edit, Data Access, Deselect Can Access Student Data And Email, then Ok for each student, or return to the Consolidate Contacts page and select a different master record that has a Web Access Account.
    If a warning message appears indicating student detail conflicts have been encountered, you will need to resolve before being able to proceed. Overlapping dates are not permitted between relationship detail records, including when two records have no dates. To resolve, edit or remove the relationship detail records or adjust their dates. To edit a relationship detail record, click the Edit (pencil) icon of the student, click the All tab, edit Start Date and End Date as needed, and then click OK.  To remove a relationship detail record, click the Delete (minus) icon of the student and then click Delete again.
  7. Click Submit Consolidation
  8. Do one of the following:
    • Click Ok to proceed.

      This action is not reversible.

    • Click Cancel if you do not want to proceed.
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