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Districts of Residence

Use the Districts of Residence page to define the areas within your school district in which students reside. Once defined, set the value for each student using the Transfer Information student page. If a student changes residency districts, transfer the student out of school, and then re-enroll them into school to generate a re-enrollment transaction record that reflects this change. Use PowerSchool attendance-related reports to reflect such status changes. 

  1. From the start page, choose District in the main menu.

  2. Click Districts of Residence

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click New to add a district of residence. 

    • Click the district of residence you want to edit.

  4. Enter or update information as needed, including:

    • District ID - Enter a code for the district of residence, such as the state-assigned district number.

    • District Name - Enter a description for the code.

    • Sort Order - Enter the order in which you want this district of residence to appear on the Districts of Residence page and in the drop-down lists on the Transfer Info student pages menu.

    • District Boundary - If Address Management is enabled, enter the geographical boundary for the district of residence. 

  5. Click Submit

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