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Create Quick Incidents

Using the Create Quick Incident function, you can quickly and easily create a discipline incident.

Access Create Quick Incident from Special Functions

  1. Navigate to the All Incidents page.
  2. Click Create Incident and choose Create Quick Incident

Access Create Quick Incident from Student Pages

  1. Navigate to the Incidents page. 
  2. Click Create Incident and choose Create Quick Incident

Create a Quick Incident

  1. To create an incident using a pre-defined template, choose the appropriate template from the Incident Template type-ahead menu. To create an incident from scratch, begin without selecting a template.
  2. Enter the Incident Title.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Select the Incident Type.
  5. Enter the date the incident occurred.
  6. Enter the time the incident occurred.
  7. Select the appropriate Time Frame the incident occurred.
  8. Select the Number of Participants.
  9. Enter your name in the Prepared By section.
  10. Select the school where the incident occurred.
  11. Select the Location code and the subcode if applicable.
  12. Enter a Location Description.
  13. Select the appropriate attributes for this incident.
  14. Click Next
  15. Select the Type of participant.
  16. Search for participants by name or student number.
  17. Assign the appropriate role for the participant. You can add up to four roles per participant. Select the role subcode if applicable.
  18. Select the Behavior. Select the Behavior subcode if applicable. 
  19. Indicate whether this behavior is the Primary Behavior or an Allegation.
  20. Add additional behaviors if needed.
  21. Select the Action. Actions can be associated with a participant or with behavior. Only one action association may be defined at a given time. If set to Behavior, each action is embedded in its parent behavior. If set to Participant, each action will have its own section on the Participant tab. For more information, refer to Action Association.
  22. Add additional actions if needed.

  23. Click Next.
  24. Click Save
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