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Create Detailed Incidents

Using the Incident Detail page, you can create discipline incidents. The Incident Detail page consists of the following two sections, which are used to enter specific information regarding the discipline incident: Incident Description and Incident Builder. These sections can be expanded and collapsed to help make entering and reviewing information on the page more manageable. Click the section title to expand or collapse the section on the page.

If the Create Incident button does not appear, either the incident types have not yet been defined or you do not have the appropriate security permissions

Access Create Detailed Incident from Special Functions

  1. Navigate to the All Incidents page.
  2. Click Create Incident and choose Create Detailed Incident

Access Create Detailed Incident from Student Pages

  1. Navigate to the Incidents page. 
  2. Click Create Incident and choose Create Detailed Incident

Create a Detailed Incident

  1. Select the school where the incident occurred.
  2. Select the Incident Type.
  3. Enter the date and time the incident occurred.
  4. Select the Time Frame when the incident occurred. Select the Time Frame subcode and Time Frame Comment if applicable.
  5. Enter the incident Title.
  6. Enter a Description of the incident.
  7. Select the Location. Select the Location subcode and enter a Location Comment if applicable.
  8. Enter the Location Description.
  9. Enter your name in the Prepared By section.
  10. Enter a dollar amount for the Financial Impact if applicable.
  11. Scroll to the Incident Builder section to add Participants and Incident Elements.
  12. Click the Plus ( + ) button next to Participants.
  13. Enter the last name of the student, staff, or other participants.
  14. Indicate which group you want to search by choosing Students, Staff, or Others.
  15. If you selected Students, limit the student results by grade level, or select All to search all grade levels.
  16. If you selected Students or Staff, select Only Active to limit the search to students currently enrolled and staff members with a status of active.
  17. Select a specific school for the Context.
  18. Click Search to generate the search results based on the input criteria.
  19. Click the name of the person in the Results section that you want to add as the participant. If the name of the person you want to add as a participant does not appear in the Results section because the participant has yet to be added to PowerSchool or does not belong to the school or district office, click Create Other and enter the appropriate information.

  20. Click Add.

  21. Click the Plus (+) button next to Attributes to display the attributes. Select the appropriate attributes. Select an attribute subcode or enter an attribute comment if needed.
  22. Choose the appropriate role to describe this participant's involvement in the incident. Select a role subcode or enter a role code comment if needed.
  23. Click Add Participant Attributes
  24. Add incident elements as needed. 
    When adding an action incident element, an Action Date Range must be entered in order to enable the attendance function.
  25. Assign incident elements as needed.
  26. To enter attendance:

    1. Navigate to the Attendance Related Actions section.
    2. Click the Edit (pencil) button of the attendance related action you want to work with. 
    3. Click Enter Attendance.
    4. To set attendance for the entire date range:

      1. Choose the Attendance Code you want to enter.
      2. Click Set All for Range to enter attendance for the entire date range.
      3. Click OK.

    5. To set attendance within the date range:

      1. Choose the Attendance Code you want to enter.
      2. Enter daily or meeting/interval attendance as needed. 
        If enabled, Clock In/Clock Out  is available with meeting/interval. 

      3. For each different attendance code you want to enter, repeat step a and step b.

    6. Click OK.

  27. Click Submit Incident when all sections on the Incident Details page are completed. 
    Attendance entered appears in the Attendance Related Actions section.
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