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Attendance Indicator

On the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal start page, a dot appears next to each class' Chair icon. The color of the dot indicates whether or not the teacher has taken attendance for that class. A clear dot indicates attendance has not been taken. A yellow dot and fraction indicates partial attendance has been taken. A green dot indicates attendance has been taken.

To provide you with flexibility, you can customize the attendance indicator images by replacing them with graphics of your own. You can switch these images as often as you like. For example, you may want to switch your images seasonally by using such images hearts, four-leaf clovers, autumn leaves, or snowmen.

Customize the Attendance Indicator

  1. Determine the replacement images.
  2. Name the replacement images accordingly:
    • For the image that indicates that attendance has not been taken (clear dot), use attendancetaken_no.png.
    • For the image that indicates that partial attendance has been taken (yellow dot), use attendancetaken_some.png.
    • For the image that indicates that attendance has been taken (green dot), use attendancetaken_yes.png.
  3. On your PowerSchool Server, navigate to data > custom > web_root.
  4. Create an images folder, if one does not already exist.
  5. Open the images folder.
  6. Copy the replacement images to this folder.
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