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Aggregate Membership Reports

Aggregate Membership Audit Report

Use the Aggregate Membership Audit report to generate membership audit by section information. This report is similar to a class roster report. It lists the students that were enrolled or ever enrolled in the class/section and their membership.

  1. Navigate to the System Reports page.
  2. Select Aggregate Membership Audit.
  3. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Lines per page

    Enter the number of data rows you want to appear on each page of the report.

    Starting Page Number

    Enter the page number from which you want the report to start.

    Processing Options

    Select a time to run the report:

    • Choose In Background Now to execute the report immediately in the background.
    • Choose ASAP to execute the report in the order it is received in the Report Queue.
    • Choose At Night to execute the report during the next evening.
    • Choose On Weekend to execute the report during the next weekend.
    • Choose On Specific Date/Time to execute the report on the date and time specified in the Specific Date/Time fields.

    After submitting this report, it will be processed in the report queue. On the navigation bar, click the Report Queue button. The Report Queue - My Jobs page displays all your reports.

    Specific Date/Time

    If you selected the On Specific Date/Time processing option, enter the date to scan using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

    Indicate hour and minute.

    Data to be filled

    In this section, select the checkbox next to the following filter fields to save the settings as defaults. Choose Set All to select all checkboxes and Reset All to remove all checkboxes next to the following fields.

    Course Number

    Enter the course numbers. Separate multiple courses with commas. Use a blank field to scan all courses.

    Section Number

    Enter the section numbers. Separate multiple sections with commas. Use a blank field to scan all sections.


    Select the term for which you want to run the report.

  4. Click Submit. The report queue appears.
  5. Click View once the report is completed.
    Click Refresh to update the status of the report.
    The report appears. Thoroughly review it to verify that the formatting and content are correct. If the report provides the data you need and is formatted properly, print it from this page or save it to another application. For more information, refer to Report Formatting.

    The following information appears in the output file:

    Column Name


    Course Name

    The name of the course for the section.


    The name of the teacher teaching the section (Last, First, Middle).


    The term the section is being taught. Click view days to view the school days in the selected term.


    The section expression.

    Section Number

    The number of the section.


    The name of the student (Last, First, Middle).


    The date the student enrolled in the course.


    The date the student exited the course.

    Membership Days

    The total number of days the student was enrolled in the course.


    The total number of days students were enrolled in the course.

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