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Academic and Career Plan

With Academic and Career Plan, districts set up clusters, programs, and credentials offered by academic year, as well as enter the reimbursement needed for Academic and Career Plan credential testing for each academic year. Once set up, schools and their teachers manage declared Academic and Career Plan programs, courses, and earned credentials for their students.

Academic and Career Plan is focused on developing the skills of K-12 students by preparing them for postsecondary learning and workforce opportunities. Academic and Career Plan courses encourage students to explore and prepare for careers in agriculture, criminal justice, health science, hospitality, and more. Programs of study are organized by career clusters, which include distinct groupings of occupations and industries based on the knowledge and skills they require. Students enrolled in a program where career and technical skill proficiencies are aligned with industry-recognized standards can work towards industry credentials. The credential provides proof that the student possesses the minimum skills required for entry-level employment. The following is an example of career tech data:

Cluster Type

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources



Program Type

General Science




NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research)


  • Fundamentals of Agriscience

  • Intermediate Agriscience

  • Advanced Agriscience

  • Applied Agricultural Mechanics

  • CTE Lab in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

  • Senior Pathway Project-Agriculture, Food & Nat Res


Home District


Davis Senior High School

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