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Response Reports

On the Start Page, choose Form Reports from the Reports section in the main menu.

The Response Reports tab displays available response forms. All forms that are shared with the school you are currently logged into for which you have Admin portal access are listed, whether published or not.

Select a Report

Use the Search field to search for forms by title and description. Use the drop-down lists to filter forms by category and approval (if enabled).

Select the form Title to open the Responses report page. If form approval is enabled, click pending, approved, or rejected responses to open the report page with only those records that are in the selected response status.  

Configure the Report

Use the Response Report options to configure and save your report.




Data Source

  • Show by Person
  • Show by Response
  • Show by Collection Table

Switch between seeing the latest response to the form on the student or staff record, all responses, or responses to a collection table.

Show by Collection Table is available on forms containing Collection Tables or Enhanced Collection Tables. Selecting this option allows you to select which collection table you would like to see responses for. Collection table elements can be added to the report by clicking the Add Column button and changing the Form Elements drop-down to Collection Table Elements.

Approval Type

  • All approval types
  • Pending approval
  • Approved
  • Rejected

Filters by approval status. Available on forms for which approval is enabled.

Response Type

  • Current Responses
  • Current Selection Responders
  • Current Selection Nonresponders
  • Date Range (from, to)

This drop-down allows you to:

  • See all current responses.
  • Filter the results to only the responses for the current student or staff selection.
  • Filter the results to only those in the current student or staff selection who have no responses.

Filter Data

  • Date Range (from, to)
  • Show archived responses

Filters responses to show only those submitted during the entered date range with the option to include archived responses.


  • All Schools
  • School Selection

Run the report for all schools or a selection of schools.

+ Add Column


Click to choose the form elements, PowerSchool fields, or Collection Table elements to display as columns on your report. Elements are named based on the Title property and ordered by their appearance on the form. Only input elements that store data are available to be added to the report.

Generate Report


Runs the report with the current selections (version 20.11.4 and above).

Save Report


Saves the current layout of the report, including columns and filters. One layout can be saved per form per user per browser.

Revert to saved report


Returns the form’s layout to the last saved layout.

Clear filters


Removes all added columns and resets filters to return the report to the default layout.

Run the Report

  1. Click Generate Report to run the report. If a Current Selection is set on the Start Page, the report is run for only those records.
  2. Click the name under the Person column to display the values in the response.
  3. Click the number under the Student or Teacher Number column to bring up the form that was submitted. This form can be used to approve or reject the submission as part of the approval process.

After you run the report, additional options appear to interact with the response data.

 Report Options




  • Use the Search field to filter responses. Only responses that match the search criteria in one of the visible columns will appear.
  • Each column also has its own search box so you can filter the responses more specifically. Click the column header to sort the results by that column.

Hide/Show pagination

Show or hide the report’s page navigation.


Toggle between the default horizontal view or a vertical view.


Select which standard or added columns to display.


  • Export all or selected responses. Choose the content type for the export:
    • Select Table to export your report data in tabular format to a JSON, XML, CSV, or PDF file. 
  • Make all listed or checked persons the current selection.
  • Approve or reject currently selected responses.
  • Delete a response (version and above).
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