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PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS version is available as of January 26, 2023. This release is considered a minor feature/maintenance release. When the installers are available for download, an announcement will be posted on PowerSchool SIS Release Notification on PowerSchool Community.

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product Area


PowerSchedulerNew PowerScheduler desktop build engine installers are now available in Engine Download for both macOS and Windows OS. These new installers will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Users can continue to work with the 32-bit engine, but any issues that arise with a desktop engine will be fixed in the 64-bit version. Only the 64-bit desktop version will be included with PowerSchool SIS, starting with this release.
LocalizationGrade Levels can be localized in more areas of PowerSchool SIS. The following areas have been improved:
  • The Health Screening pages allow for Grade Levels -3, 13, 14, and 15.
  • The Grade Level text in the Health Screening pages is now localizable.
  • Student screens have been updated to show the localized text. For example, previously a Kindergarten student would show as 0 on the detail header on the student screens. The value will now display as K.
  • The Grade Level category on the Localize PowerSchool Data page now includes all grades based on the school's low and high grade values.
PhotosWhen utilizing a data share, such as in an array, PowerSchool will attempt to use PowerShell to determine the photo location. Previously PowerSchool would create a VBS script that was executed which caused some security solutions to generate a security alert.
SetupThe Reporting Term Setup page has been improved to provide a table view of the reporting term setup. The detailed view lists:
  • Term Name
  • Reporting Term
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Suppress Letter Grade/Percent
  • Calendar Days
    • The number of days between the Start and End Date
  • In-Session Days
    • The number of in-session days between the Start and End Date

This replaces and improves on the Show Reporting Term Setup Dates customization created by Jason Springel of PowerSchool.

Resolved Issues

Product Area



APIThe proper response code is returned when doing a PUT or POST to a /ws/schema/table API that does not support PUT or POST.PSF-70217
AttachmentsThe Categories checkboxes now show when viewing or editing an existing attachment.PSF-75250
Consecutive AbsenceWhen a student has more absences than the Maximum Days Stored value defined in the Attendance Preferences then a proper warning message will appear in the consecutive absences dashboard.PSF-21051
DashboardThe Student Programs dashboard will now include students with Special Programs that don't have an exit date.PSF-72149
FeesThe Clear Current Balance function no longer hangs when a student has more than one fee to be cleared.PSF-73602
GlobalUsers will be able to disable scheduled system templates again.PSF-74826
Graduation PlannerThe Graduation Plan will now display when an Academic and Career Plan is selected.PSF-74304
Graduation PlannerThe proper course and credit totals will appear when reviewing the requirements of a student's graduation plan progress page.PSF-72846
Graduation PlansGraduation Requirement waivers now allow the current category to be selected as the subject group. PSF-66150
Group FunctionsThe Group Functions menu on the Start Page will no longer cut off results. PSF-74066
HealthThe Immunization page now loads as expected and allows users with no access (based on security settings) to navigate to other health tabs they have access to.PSSR-307856
HealthAn error no longer occurs when using a newly created Concern Code Set when adding a Student Health Concern.PSF-75433
HealthThe Date entry box now lines up properly with the Vaccine instead of at the top of the screen.PSF-75145
HealthA foreign key constraint violation, for a Health Medicine Inventory with an end date range outside the current session date range, will no longer occur when doing a commit in PowerScheduler.PSF-74191
IncidentsWhen creating an Incident, the Student Information correctly shows when hovering over the person icon.PSF-74299
Inventory Mass AssignUsing the Inventory Mass Assign group function and assign by a class correctly displays the abbreviation for the period instead of the period number.PSF-46585
ReportThe teacher's name will now print when using the following DAT code on the last day of the school year: ^(*period_info;A(D1-D6);current_section_teachers)PSF-67080
ReportsThe Search By Grades/Attendance no longer shows an an invalid option under the Attendance Mode dropdown. Additionally, the settings have been changed from district-specific to school-specific to support larger districts. Schools will need to set the appropriate values the first time the function is used after upgrading.PSF-75306
SecurityUsers will no longer be logged out when accessing different portals from different browsers. For example, a user who is an Administrator and a Teacher can be logged in to the Administrator portal in one browser and in the Teacher portal using a different browser.PSF-73988
StudentsThe Student Header properly shows Student information after using the Daily or Meeting Change Attendance function.PSF-74154
StudentsAn error will no longer occur while searching for Additional Family Members when none are found.PSF-73223
SystemFiles under the external/importarchive/{school abbreviation} folders that are more than 14 days old will be correctly deleted.PSF-74143
TeachersStaff pages will render correctly when only one Staff member is selected and the breadcrumbs are used.PSF-74007
Universal RosteringLarge Districts will no longer experience intermittent failures for Gradebook sync. PSF-72106

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS comprises several software components, each versioned independently. Independent versioning allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being misconfigured. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server








State Reporting

Report SDK
Amazon Corretto Java1.8u3221.8u322
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