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PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS version is available as of September 24, 2021. When the installers are available for download, an announcement will be posted on PowerSchool SIS Release Notification on PowerSchool Community.

New Features

Ecollect and Enrollment Express Forms Available on PowerSchool Mobile Apps

Parents and Students can now view and submit Ecollect and Enrollment Express forms through the mobile app. This feature is available to all Ecollect and Enrollment Express customers using PowerSchool SIS version or later and Mobile App version or later. This feature is not available for customers using Unified Classroom.

The mobile app version number now aligns with the PowerSchool SIS version.


Product AreaDescriptionLearn More
PowerSchool Admin - SetupThe Daily Time to Day (DTTD) Attendance Conversion now uses time conversion for the Attendance Tracking Notification report.Refresh Attendance Tracking Data Report
PowerSchool Admin - Duplicate Student Check

The Duplicate Student Check option prevents adding duplicate students. When enabled, the system will check new students against existing students. If the student added matches one of the below criteria, the student will not be added. This logic is used in the Enroll New Student page, student imports, and APIs.

  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender
Miscellaneous District Settings

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference
PowerSchool Admin - Access AccountsWhen PowerSchool as OIDC Service Provider was enabled for Students and not Parents/Guardians, you could not see the Auto-assign IDs and Password options.PSF-52536
PowerSchool Admin - Administrator Sign InWhen a browser was set to the Spanish language, you could not log in.PSF-41620
PowerSchool Admin - Asset TrackingWhen a student's name has an apostrophe, the Asset Tracking page did not load.PSF-53135
PowerSchool Admin - Attendance/SchoologyWhen LDAP is enabled on the user account and the Password is blank, teachers would receive a 401 error when accessing the PowerSchool SIS Attendance module in Schoology.PSF-53654
PowerSchool Admin - Attendance/SchoologyWhen an environment is configured with a timezone east of the UTC, teachers could not enter attendance in Schoology via the PowerSchool SIS attendance app unless they changed the default landing page from a single day to date range.PSF-53518
PowerSchool Admin - Change HistoryWhen both Meeting and Daily Attendance caused a change history, the Change History Details displayed an error.PSF-48572
PowerSchool Admin - District SetupWhen creating a Participant Role Subcode for any of the 4 codes in Participant Role Codes, the system created erroneous Participant Role Subcodes.PSF-51670
PowerSchool Admin - End-of-Year ProcessWhen the Local Date Format was set to anything other than MM/DD/YYYY, the EOY process failed.PSF-51671
PowerSchool Admin - ExportsWhen a Database Extension field is named true or false, the Data Export Manager only displays a loading bar.PSF-47869
PowerSchool Admin - ExportsWhen running a Scheduled Data Export Manager templates, a system outage may occur under certain circumstances.PSF-54085
PowerSchool Admin - FeesWhen the fee balance was recalculated at the District Office, incorrect Balance values were displayed under Fee Transactions.PSF-53136
PowerSchool Admin - HealthWhen a student's grade level was zero or less, it was not possible to add a new record in the Screenings section of Health.PSSR-274840
Powerschool Admin - HealthWhen entering a date on the Office Visit page of Health, the date would change to the previous day's date after saving in some timezones.PSF-53560
PowerSchool Admin - Health Setup

When migrating health data from PowerPack to Enhanced Health, incorrect codeset names for 2 Codesets caused migrated data with the wrong CodesetType set:

  • Records that should have been migrated to CodeType InjuryType were migrated to VisitType

  • Records that should have been migrated to Setting were migrated to Settings. This only refers to the actual code records. The original codeset creation (codetype='Codeset') were not affected.

Powerschool Admin - IncidentWhen viewing Change Reasons, extra characters were displayed before the date and time.PSF-47465
PowerSchool Admin - Page and Data ManagementWhen English (Default) was the only locale that existed in Manage System Locales, you could not export it via Export Localization.PSF-46938
PowerSchool Admin - PowerLunchWhen a staff member didn't have the District Office as a school in the Roles and Schools list with the 21.4x version, they received an error when editing a transaction for a staff member.PSF-53284
PowerSchool Admin - PowerSchedulerWhen printing a class roster in PowerScheduler using Chrome or Edge and saving it as PDF, the printout left out the numbering next to the student names.PSF-49162
PowerSchool Admin - ReportingWhen running a report for a specific Staff or Teacher, an Unauthorized Data Access Detected error may occur.PSF-53296
PowerSchool Admin - SearchingWhen searching a legacy custom field from the Start page, an error would occur if the search text started with a + character.PSF-15507
PowerSchool Admin - SecurityWhen an invalid password has been attempted multiple times for a single username, the user is now temporarily locked out until the soft lockout time expires. This functionality only impacts instances where PowerSchool is the Identify Provider.PSF-52756
PowerSchool Admin - StandardsWhen multiple simultaneous queries requesting the same data were issued against the database, the database performance was impacted, most notably when populating the current year's Standards.PSF-53403
PowerSchool Admin - Start PageWhen doing a student search with Include Remote Enrollments selected, selecting a student from the list prompted an error.PSF-52199
PowerSchool Admin - StudentWhen using Transfer Out of School for students having multiple attendance records greater than the transfer out date, the process would not finish.PSF-50149
PowerSchool Admin - System AdministratorWhen testing two remote connections from Plugin Management Dashboard without leaving the page and deleting the second connections, both connections are deleted when only the second connection should be deleted.PSF-48271
PowerSchool Admin - System ReportsWhen running the Parental Access Statistics Report at the district level, the report timed out and did not display the results.PSF-52778
PowerSchool Admin - Term PickerWhen only a single term exists at a school, the term picker is not available.PSF-51669
Schoology - PowerSchool SIS AttendanceWhen the Attendance default preference was set to the Seating Chart, teachers would get a blank screen on the PowerSchool LTI Attendance app on Schoology.PSF-53350

Removed Features/Future Deprecation

PowerTeacher Gradebook

PowerTeacher Gradebook will be removed from PowerSchool SIS with the 22.4 release. To ensure that teachers can start using the more advanced features in PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook when you update PowerSchool SIS, make a plan to transition to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook by the beginning of the 2022-2023 School Year.

Moving to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS is comprised of several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being misconfigured. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook





Oracle or 19c or 19c

State Reporting

Report SDK
Amazon Corretto Java1.8u2621.8u262
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