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Course Catalog for Visual Scheduler

Set up an active Course Catalog, and associate the course catalog to the active scenario.

Set Up an Active Course Catalog

To determine if you have an active course catalog, navigate to PowerScheduler > Course Catalogs and note the Status column. Only one course catalog can be active at a given time.

Create a New Catalog

  1. Navigate to PowerScheduler > Course Catalogs.
  2. Select New and enter information as needed.
  3. Submit.

Make a Catalog Active

  1. Navigate to PowerScheduler > Scenarios.
  2. Click the name of the active scenario and choose the catalog you want to be active from Course Catalog.
  3. Submit.

Change the Courses Associated with the Active Course Catalog

  1. Navigate to PowerScheduler > Course Catalogs.
  2. Choose Edit Course Catalog.
  3. Select the checkbox next to a course name to include it in the course catalog.
  4. Submit.

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