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Set Up Risk Index Levels

District-level administrators are able to configure what data displays, as well as how that data displays on the At-Risk tab on the Dashboard page. A district-level administrator may set the risk index point level for each at-risk level tile and set the number of levels or tiles that display on the page. The at-risk tiles display a count of students at each risk index level as specified. The risk index for any given student is the average of the grade risk index and the attendance risk index.

Only six risk index levels may be created at a given time.

  1. Navigate to the At Risk Parameters page.
  2. Scroll to the Risk Index Tile Setup section.
  3. To add a risk index level:
    1. Click Add
    2. Enter the name of the risk index level, which appears as an At-Risk Student Count tile on the At-Risk tab of the Dashboard page.

    3. Enter the point value of the risk index level. The value must be a positive number and can have up to two decimal places that are less than or equal to 4, such as 3.66.
    4. Click Submit
  4. To edit a risk index level:
    1. Click the Edit icon next to the risk index level you want to edit. 
    2. Edit information as needed. 
    3. Click Submit
  5. To delete a risk index level:
    1. Click the Delete icon next to the risk index level you want to delete.
    2. Click OK

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