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Check Out Items to Students Using Mass Assign Inventory

You can assign a book, eBook, or equipment to a group of selected students using Mass Assign Inventory. You can only use this function on a school level. To check out items to a group of students:

  1. Navigate to the Mass Assign Inventory page.

  2. Choose either Current Selection or By Class. If you select By Class, you will need to choose a Teacher, Course, and Section. Then click Make Current Selection.

  3. Select Show currently owned books and equipment to review what assets the student currently has.

  4. Select the term for Show recommended items for schedule to see suggested assets.

  5. Click Next to populate the student list and select a student from the list to work with.

  6. Scan or enter the inventory tags (one per line) for each item the student needs. Expand Recommended Assets to view suggested items for the student.

  7. Click Find Assets. You may see multiple sections including Checking In, Checking Out, Student Still Has, and Recommended Assets. If a student is returning an item, you can check it in from this screen. Alternatively, you may see a Checking In message indicating that a particular item belongs to another student. Verify that you have entered the correct inventory tag.

  8. Choose the Condition When Issued to proceed with checking out an item. You can add a note if applicable, then select Check Out.

  9. Review what assets the student currently owns by selecting Student Still Has.

  10. Select Close.

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