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Work with Incidents

Use Incident Management to specify and record an entry for school or district-related discipline incidents. These incidents may include from zero to many participants and may include students, teachers, and persons known or unknown, not enrolled or employed by the school district. Incidents may also include from zero to many objects, such as weapons, drugs, vehicles, and any other item that is part of the incident. Actions may also be attached to incidents in a zero to many relationship and describe actions taken as a result of the incident. Objects and actions may be linked to participants as well as the incident itself. For example, a weapon may be linked directly to a person or simply found at the scene. The action of "increased security" may be related to an incident of vandalism with no participants, or linked directly to a participant as in suspension for a student who committed an offense.

Creating discipline incidents involves selecting the incident types, codes, subcodes, and secondary incident subcodes, which are created at the district level. This ensures that all schools are using the same data to enter discipline incidents. Search for existing incidents on the Search Using Incident List page, or create a new incident on the Incident Detail page. 

Incident codes allow you to manage specific information by category, subcategory, and incident type. These codes and subcodes appear on the Incident Detail page for those users with assigned page-level security. Security settings determine who can view, create, and edit incidents. For more information, see Edit Security Groups.

Access incident information either by viewing incidents within PowerSchool by performing an ODBC/JDBC query using a third-party application such as Microsoft Excel. Future access through reports is planned and state reporting extracts will use this incident data.

Once setup items have been configured, you can:

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