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Before entering test scores for an individual student, create new tests that are available to all the schools on your system. If the test already exists on your system, you can edit test information, such as its description or the sort order of test scores.

Manage Tests

  1. Navigate to the Standardized Tests page.

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter the name of the test.

  4. Select the test type.

  5. Enter a description.

  6. Click Submit.

Once you have created a test, you can edit or delete it.

View District Fitness Tests

You can view your district's fitness tests and associated fitness scales but you cannot make changes to the test details.

  1. Navigate to the Standardized Tests page.

  2. Click Presidential Physical Fitness Test to view a general description of the fitness tests or click Edit Scores to view the fitness subtests.

  3. Click a Score Name to view the subtest fitness scale.

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