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Student Schedule

There are three ways to display a student's schedule. The Bell Schedule View displays the student's schedule for the current week. The List View displays the student's schedule for the selected term in a list format. The Matrix View displays the student's schedule for the selected term in a graphical format.

View a Student's Bell Schedule

  1. Navigate to the Bell Schedule View page. 
  2. Click the Section Teachers icon next to the teacher's name to view the teachers assigned to the class. 
    This icon appears only if there is more than one teacher assigned to the class.
  3. When done viewing, click the x to close the Section Teachers dialog.

View a Student's Schedule (List View)

  1. Navigate to the List Schedule View page.
  2. The following information appears for each line item: schedule expression, term, course number, section number, course name, teacher, room number, enrollment date, and exit date.
  3. To change terms, click the term link. Use this page to select a different term in which to view the student's schedule.
  4. To view the student's schedule by each term within the selected term, click Entire Year Schedule

Display a Student's Schedule (Matrix View)

The schedule matrix graphically represents a student's schedule for all days, periods, and terms in the selected year for the current school.

  1. Navigate to the Matrix Schedule View page.
  2. The schedule matrix view displays the student's schedule for each period and day in each term. Identical colors on the schedule indicate the same course. A blank block means that nothing is scheduled for that block in that term. Each block can include the following information, depending on the matrix display preferences: course name, course number, section number, teacher name, room number, expression (the combination of periods and days), and year term.
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