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Student Program Setup

Using Student Programs, you can create and enroll students into programs, such as ESL, Speech Pathology, Special Education, or Gifted and Talented. In addition, you can enable the PowerSchool Special Programs SIS Plugin, which will provide additional functionality within the PowerSchool SIS Admin portal and the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal, as well as direct access to the PowerSchool Special Programs management system.

As a district administrator, you can add, edit, or delete Student Programs for the schools in your district. The list of programs is visible to school administrators in all the schools on your PowerSchool server. School administrators then determine which programs to offer at each school. Students can then be enrolled in a Student Program either individually or en masse.

  1. Navigate to the Student Programs page. 
  2. To add a program:
    1. Click New
    2. Enter the Program Name.
    3. Select Qualifies as a Special Education Program to indicate whether this program is considered a special education program.
    4. Select Include in Quick Lookup to indicate that this program should appear in the Attendance by Program grid on the Quick Lookup page.
    5. Click Submit
  3. To edit a program:
    1. Click the program name for the program you want to edit. 
    2. Edit the information as needed. 
    3. Click Submit
  4. To delete a program:
    1. Click the program name for the program you want to delete. 
    2. Click Delete.
    3. Click Confirm Delete
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