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Standards: District List

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Use the Standards: District List to mass update general standards information, such as the identifier, conversion scale, grade scale, or parent identifier.

Export Standards: District List

When updating standards, you can either use the Standards ID or the identifier and year. You can obtain the ID for each standard by exporting the Standards: District List first. You can use the export to add or change data and import it back in to PowerSchool.

  1. Navigate to the Data Export Manager page
  2. Select PowerSchool Data Sets from the Category menu.
  3. Select Standards: District List from the Export From menu. 
  4. Select the fields you want to export.
    • If you want to export the data to make changes and then import it back in to PowerSchool, select the ID field, as this may make the import a bit faster than using the identifier and year. If the ID, Identifier and Year are all in the import file, the import process will key off of the ID.
    • If you want to use this export to create new grade scales and import them into PowerSchool to be used by PowerTeacher Pro, the following fields are required in the file:
      • ID
      • Name
      • GradescaleItemDCID
      • ConversionScaleID
      • YearID
  5. Change the sort order and labels for the export as needed.
  6. Click Next
  7. Set the filter criteria, and then click Show Records
  8. Click the Pencil icon next to the record you want to edit. 
  9. Enter the changes for the record, and click Submit to close the Edit drawer.
  10. Click Next on the Data Export Manager page.
  11. Select the export output options, and then click Export.

Import Standards: District List

You can make additional changes as needed to the file prior to importing back in to PowerSchool.

  1. Navigate to the Data Import Manager page.
  2. Select the source file for the import.
  3. Select Standards: District List from the Import Into menu, and then select the Field Delimiter for the file.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the PowerSchool Field to map the information from the import file from the menu.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the import options for the file.
    The Longitudinal ID is a number used to link a standard from year to year. If you do not specify the Longitudinal ID in the import file, you have the option of retrieving the ID of the matching identifier from a previous year, or creating a new value.
  8. Click Import.
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