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Search the In-App Help

The PowerSchool in-app help provides access to help topics and release notes in a searchable space.

You can find information in two ways:

  • To search all content available in your online documentation space, enter a word or phrase in the Search field; all pages that contain your search word or phrase appear in the search results.
  • To search within a single page, use your browser's search function.

Supported Searches

The in-app help Search field supports several ways to search for information.

Match Phrase

To find content that contains a specific phrase, use double quotes (" ") to search for content that contains a phrase, for example, "temporary password ".

The search ignores common words such as and, the, or, etc., even if they are included within double quotes. For example:

  • Searching for "temporary password" returns only pages in which password appears as the first word after temporary.
  • Searching for "the password " returns all pages containing password because the is ignored.


Use the operator 'OR' to find content that contains only one of the words you enter. Enter OR between the words you want to find ('OR' must be in capital letters); for example, entering parent OR account returns content that contains either the word parent or the word account, providing more results than the Phrase search or the AND search.


The 'AND' search is useful when you want to find content that contains all the words you have entered, but the words are not a phrase. To use the 'AND' Search, enter the operator 'AND' in capital letters between each word. For example, parent AND account. The resulting pages contain all the words in the content (but not necessarily together, as in the Phrase search).


Use the 'NOT' search to find content that contains one word but not the other. Enter the operator 'NOT' in capital letters between each word. For example, to find content with the word parent but not the word account, in the Search field, you would enter parent NOT account.


Wildcards replace one or more characters in your search. Use a question mark ( ? ) to replace a single character or an asterisk ( * ) to replace multiple characters in your search. For example, print* finds content containing 'printer' or 'printing', while b?tter finds content containing 'butter' or 'better'. Wildcards cannot be used at the beginning of a word.

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