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Report Templates

Import report templates from another school that uses PowerSchool. For example, if a PowerSchool administrator from another school already created a report you need, that administrator can attach and send the report template file to you in an email message. When you receive the file, import the template into your PowerSchool system.

Export report templates to share with other PowerSchool administrators or to save as a backup for the template. In addition, by exporting a template and then deleting it, you can remove a template from the system without losing it permanently.

Import a Report Template

  1. Navigate to the Import Existing Report Template page.
  2. Enter the file path and name of the template in the File to Import field or click Choose File (or Browse) to select the template file.
  3. Click Import.

Export a Report Template

Export a report template to import into another PowerSchool system or to save as a backup. Report templates can be exported for custom reports only: form letters, mailing labels, object reports, or report cards.

  1. Navigate to either the Form Letters, Mailing Labels, Object Reports, or Report Card Templates page.
  2. Select the report to be exported as a template. 

  3. Click Export as Template.
    Export as Template link varies based on selected report template.
  4. Select Save this file to disk.
  5. Click OK
  6. Select a file location.
  7. Click Save
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