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Quick Staff Export

Use this page to quickly export staff data for the currently selected staff members.

  1. Navigate to the Quick Staff Export page. 
  2. Use the table after this list to enter information in the fields.

  3. Click Submit.

[Export Staff]

Enter the fields to be included on the exported spreadsheet. Enter as many fields as you want. Separate multiple fields with spaces.

To insert a PowerSchool field into this field:

  1. Click Fields to view a list of PowerSchool fields.
  2. To narrow the list of fields, enter one or more search terms in the Filter field. Otherwise, leave blank.
  3. Click the field you want to add.

Field Delimiter

Choose a field delimiter. The field delimiter is the item that separates fields in the exported data. If you select Other, enter the delimiter in the blank field.

Record Delimiter

Choose the record delimiter. This refers to the item that will separate the records in the exported data:

  • CR: carriage return
  • CRLF: carriage return line feed
  • LF: line feed

If you select Other, enter the delimiter in the field.

Surround Fields

Select the checkbox to surround the fields in the exported data with quotation marks.

Column titles on 1st row

Select the checkbox to include column titles on the first row of the exported data.

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