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Pre-Registration Form Submissions Report

Before students can be created in the Student Information System, they must first be approved by an administrator. Use the Pre-registration Submissions Report to manage and approve submissions for new student enrollment.

  1. From the Start Page, choose Data and Reporting, Form Reports, then Pre-Registration Form Submissions Report.
  2. Choose a form.
  3. Filter the responses.
    1. Filter by Schools and Terms.
      • This filter is part of the Admin portal in PowerSchool SIS.
      • Filtering at District Office will allow you to view submissions to all schools.
      • Filtering by an individual school will restrict responses to pending approval and approved responses for the school that you are looking at.
      • The school year filter restricts responses based on the Entry Year submitted; only responses will appear where the entry year matches the school year.
      • The school year at an individual school needs to match the school year configured at the district office.
    2. Use other filters.
      • Status
        • Pending — You can only approve and edit records when viewing pending submissions.
        • ALL — Includes Approved, Rejected, and Pending. Only available at the district level.
        • Approved — Only available at the school level.
        • Filtering by rejected is not yet available.  
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Grade Level
  4. Click the Columns button to add form fields to the report.
    • If the form has the “School Preference Element” and “Use Enrollment School” settings enabled, you can add the School Preference column to the Pre-Registration report when a school filter is applied. When a submission is in Pending status at the school, the School Preference column displays the student’s preferred school. When a submission is in Approved status, the name of the enrollment school is appended with “(Approved)” in the School Preference column.
  5. To edit pre-registration submissions, click Edit to update one or multiple submissions at once. 
    • Editing is only available for submissions in Pending status.  
    • The School Preference element can only be updated at the district level.
    • When editing multiple submissions at once:  
      • First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and School Preference do not support multiple edits.
      • All fields left blank will retain their existing values.
  6. To export submission records, click the Export option arrow.
    • You can export in CSV and XLS format.
    • Regardless of record selection, all the responses will be exported.
    • All form fields that you added as columns will be included in the export.
    • When exporting ALL submissions from the district office, you will see three additional columns: Approved, Rejected, and Pending. This will show the schools that the student was approved, rejected, or pending in the right status. 
  7. To delete a submission, select the submission record and click Delete.
  8. To reject a pre-registration submission, select the record and click Reject. 
    • Rejecting a pre-registration submission will move the submission to their next school preference choice and will appear within Pending status of that location.
    • If school preference is not enabled, or if the student has been rejected from all their schools, the student will not appear in Pending status for any school.  
    • The parent will receive a rejection email.
  9. To approve pre-registration submissions and initiate a duplicate student check, select the students you wish to approve and click Approve
    1. If the form uses the School Preference element and it is hidden from the parent, you must update the school preference by editing the student data on the reports before proceeding with approval. A record cannot be approved or rejected without the School Preference data.
    2. Student Matching is built into the approval workflow. If you are approving more than one student, first check for duplicates within your approval batch to verify whether a parent mistakenly submitted a pre-registration form twice for the same student.  
      • If the system finds a potential duplicate, you are responsible for determining whether they are actual duplicate submissions.  
      • The system compares certain attributes and displays them if they differ between the submissions.  
      • If you Continue, multiple students will be created.
      • If you Cancel, you will need to manually delete or reject the duplicates.
    3. Before approval, the system runs a duplicate student search across your SIS database to find potential matches.
      • If at least one potential match is found, you will be required to resolve those matches. 
      • The duplicate student search has an updated algorithm. This algorithm was originally released for the PowerSchool Enrollment product on the 20.11 release, and we are now using it for Enrollment Express.  
      • When resolving potential matches you are presented a comparison view between the newly submitted student and their potential duplicate in the SIS.
        • Review the attributes with different values and determine whether one of the potential matches is a duplicate.  
        • If you determine the submission is not a duplicate, click Skip without marking the checkbox.
    4. After you resolve the duplicates, you will see a confirmation modal with three sections:
      • Create — This will include all students that are not duplicates of an existing student, whether you manually skipped them, or no duplicates were found for them at all.  
      • Merge — These are duplicates of inactive students or transferred-out students. These students are expected to complete their pre-registration form for the school that they applied for.  Merging will move the students to the school that was configured, whether it was the enrollment school or their approved school. Their status will be updated to pre-registered.  
      • Do not Approve — These are duplicates of Active students. This likely means that parents completed the wrong form since they are active in the district. They should not be completing new student registration and their status should not be pre-registered, so we will not approve these records. When you click Approve, they will be omitted from approval. You will have to communicate this to the parent and delete the submission.
    5. If you are prevented from creating a new student, there is an issue with the data.
      1. Review the error message to resolve the issue.
        • The parent is sent an approval email if this is enabled. 
        • The student is created or moved to their appropriate school. 
          • The student is automatically created in PowerSchool through an API.  
        • If Use Enrollment School is enabled in the form properties:
          • The student is created or moved to the enrollment school. 
          • Their approved school and school number are added to the Exit Comment. The exit comment can then be used to determine which school the student will need to be transferred into after they complete their new student enrollment packet. 
        • If Enroll in Approved School is enabled in the form properties:
          • The student is created or moved to the school that they were approved for. Click Approve.
          • When a pre-registration form submission receives approval, the student's enrollment status is automatically determined based on the configured settings. You now have the ability to customize student enrollment statuses within the system. 
    6. To resend the initial Pre-registration email with access credentials on an approved record, select the record and click Resend Email

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