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PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS version is available as of 4/2/2021. When the installers are available for download, an announcement will be posted on the PowerSchool SIS Release Notification page on PowerSchool Community.


Rules Engine Update - Ability to Highlight Problematic Dose

The Immunization Rules Engine can now highlight the specific vaccination dose that marks a student as not compliant.

State compliance vaccination rules must be updated to take advantage of this functionality. Updating any state compliance rules to utilize this functionality will require all districts in that state/province to be on this version of PowerSchool.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference
PowerSchool Admin - Course InformationIn some instances, state-specific extension fields are not available to view or edit on View Course Information By Year. This issue is now resolved.PSF-42386
PowerSchool Admin - Daily Bulletin Date SelectorWhen using the Daily Bulletin date picker to select a different day's bulletin, dates that have a daily bulletin associated with them are not shaded light blue. This issue is now resolved.PSF-39437
PowerSchool Admin - Data Export ManagerIn some instances, when exporting from the CALENDAR_DAY table, attempts to sort or filter by CALENDAR_DAY.Date results in an error. This issue is now resolved.PSF-42573
PowerSchool Admin - Data Export ManagerIn some instances, system performance can be impacted when exporting tables from Data Export Manager. This issue is now resolved.PSF-40659
PowerSchool Admin - Health ManagementA hyperlink added to a student's Health Plan may not open correctly when the target is set to New Window. This issue is now resolved.PSF-41899
PowerSchool Admin - Identity Provider Global IDWhen a user account with an Identity Provider Global ID is deleted, the PCAS_Account record becomes orphaned and the Identify Provider Global ID can become unusable. This issue is now resolved.PSF-41271
PowerSchool Admin - Immunization RulesThe YearsFromNow function, within the Immunization Rules Engine, will now correctly assess the number of years from a designated vaccine dose.PSSR-250993
PowerSchool Admin - MedTime Code SetAttempts to delete an entry in the MedTime code set may result in an error. This issue is now resolved.PSF-41733
PowerSchool Admin - ReportWorksIn some cases, ReportWorks may fail to launch on macOS Big Sur. This issue is now resolved.PSF-43599
PowerSchool Admin - School AffiliationsAfter updating a teacher's School Affiliations in Security Settings, an administrator may not be able to access the teacher's schedule if the teacher is also a staff member. This issue is now resolved. PSF-41697
PowerSchool Admin - School PickerIn some instances, extra characters are entered into the School menu search field when searching for a school. This issue is now resolved.PSF-27227
PowerSchool Admin - Student EmailIn some instances, the student's email address entered in Email Configuration may not save to the database. This issue is now resolved.PSF-39521
PowerSchool Admin - Unlock AccountWhen an Administrator account is locked, the Unlock Account link is not available in Security Settings > Admin Access and Roles. This issue is now resolved.PSF-38569
PowerSchool Admin - VisitTypes Code SetWhen editing the VisitTypes Code Set at the District, some codes cannot be reordered, and the order displayed when adding an office visit for a student does not reflect the desired order. This issue is now resolved.PSF-41642
PowerTeacher Pro - AssignmentsIn some instances, when entering the Class Description in PowerTeacher Pro, additional blank lines are appended between paragraphs. This issue is now resolved.PSF-21675
PowerTeacher Pro - GradebookWhen attempting to delete a class grade, an error occurs if scores have been previously entered. This issue is now resolved.PSF-40793
PowerTeacher Pro - StandardsPerformance has been improved around various Standards features.PSF-43461

Removed Features/Future Deprecation

Legacy Look

In the PowerSchool SIS 2021 spring back-to-school release, the New Experience introduced in PowerSchool SIS version will be the only look that is available for the PowerSchool SIS Admin and PowerSchool SIS Teacher portals. The "classic look" will no longer be available. All users not already using the New Experience will be automatically transitioned. We are providing notifications in advance so that districts have ample time to test and make changes to any impacted customizations.

(20.11) New Experience

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS is comprised of several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being configured incorrectly. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook






State Reporting

Report SDK
Amazon Corretto Java1.8u2621.8u262
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