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PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS version is available as of 1/28/2021:


Filtering Options on Health Office Visits Page

New filtering options Start Date and End Date are now available for the Office Visit Records Overview page. The dates default to the Start/End Dates of the selected term and the records display based on these dates by default. A custom date range can also be entered, or the filter can be removed.

Additionally, two columns have been added to the Office Records Overview page:

  • Time Out

  • Issue/Visit Reason

(20.11) Office Visits
Medication Inventory Expiration Date Field

In PowerSchool Enhanced Health, an Expiration Date field is now available for a medication inventory record. A warning message appears based on the entered expiration date:

  • A yellow warning notification appears when the medication inventory expires within 30 days.

  • A red warning notification appears when the medication inventory has expired and should no longer be administered.

(20.11) Medication
Change History - PersonCoreFields.Race

The Demographics category in Change History now includes the PersonCoreFields.Race field.

PowerSchool Admin - Change HistoryAuthorized users may now choose to delete all change history records or just a subset. Admins are now able to purge their change history records for a specific category and from a specific date in the past. This operation is available at Start > Special Operations > Purge Change History.(20.11) Change History

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference

PowerSchool Mobile Android/iOS Applications - PowerSchool SIS as OIDC Service Provider

If the PowerSchool SIS is enabled as an OIDC Service Provider for SSO for parents and/or students using Microsoft Azure or Google as the IdP, parents and/or students cannot sign into PowerSchool Mobile Android or iOS apps. This issue is now resolved but requires additional setup steps to enable SSO for the PowerSchool Mobile app.


PowerSchool - Admin

When using the ID/Password Assignment Function to Create Usernames or Access IDs that are 9 characters long, a character is left off the front of the Username. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool - Contacts

In some cases, a NULL character is added to the end of the output from the Contact_Info Data Access Tag (DAT). This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool - Data Access Tags (DATs)

In some cases, various Data Access Tags may not honor Carriage Return (CR), Line Feed (LF), or Carriage Return Line Feed (CRLF) on Object Reports. This includes DATs such as:

  • Database Extension fields that have a type of CLOB.

  • DATs starting with an asterisk such as period_info, std.

In cases where a <br> tag is used to force a line break, followed with a CR, LF, or CRLF, the output of the DAT may display a double line break.


PowerSchool - Monitor

The PowerSchool Monitor on the server has been improved to indicate errors on the LifeCycle tab that result in a Yellow or Red indicator. In some cases, these errors may be caused by missing required intermediate certs. Another known cause is self-signed SSL certs which are not directly supported by PowerSchool.


PowerSchool - Security

Security for encryption keys has been improved. When starting PowerSchool SIS, a Version Fix will run that will re-encrypt any data stored in an encrypted format. This does not apply to end user-entered passwords which are stored as a non-reversible hash.

As part of this change, a new keys folder will be created in the PowerSchool Data folder. These files are considered sensitive and critical to system operation. The PowerSchool Data folder contains other data such as Photos and Reports and should be included as part of a standard backup strategy.

If the data in these folders is lost, PowerSchool will be unable to decrypt the encrypted data.


PowerSchool - Special Programs

After deleting a Special Program, clicking the Back button results in an incorrect message on the page. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool - Teachers

The Section start date and end date for the lead teacher could not be edited once that teacher becomes inactive. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Attendance

In some instances, an error message incorrectly displays when editing the Daily Attendance Record for a student who has been transferred out then re-enrolled in the same school year. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Attendance

In some instances, the Change Daily Attendance page is incorrectly available while in the District Office or Graduated Students School. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Attendance

The Student's Grade Level and Student Number do not appear on the Change Daily Attendance page. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Attendance

The Monthly Student Attendance Report fails to run if the Begin Date and Ending date range does not include a day when school is not in session. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Attendance

In (20.11) Attendance Preferences, the Number of days teachers may alter attendance before the current date (PowerTeacher) text implied that this setting only applied to in-session days. This issue is now resolved. The text has been updated to reflect the settings function.


PowerSchool Admin - Change History

When viewing (20.11) Change History records in the administrative view (System > Change History), results may be delayed with searching for a large number of records. This issue is now resolved. Results for all categories except Contacts and Incidents are returned in batches of approximately 5000 records with additional controls added to advance to the next batch of records.


PowerSchool Admin - Course Setup

When creating a new course and using the filter to select a specific set of schools, the course may be associated with schools that were not selected in the filter once submitted. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Enterprise Reporting

The list of reports to add in Enterprise Reporting includes only the first 100 reports available. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Graduation Planner

In some instances, attempting to edit a Graduation Progress Plan results in an error. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Graduation Progress

When Graduation Progress Report Data Capture is run for a large number of students, the function may not complete or it may complete with an error message. This issue is now resolved. The page has been updated to indicate the current status of the process.


PowerSchool Admin - Health

In some instances, a student's Medical Alert will include HTML code with the Health Plan name. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Health

In some instances, an error occurs when using Quick Import for Vaccines if the Vaccine Name is similar to another. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Health

When creating or editing a Health Plan that contains an HTML hyperlink, a Cross-Site Scripting error is generated if the target is defined as a pop-up window. This issue is now resolved and the target option is limited to New Window (_blank).


PowerSchool Admin - PowerScheduler

When running the Conflict Matrix report output as an HTML file in Firefox, the resulting file includes a text extension. This issue is now resolved. Selecting HTML File output correctly downloads the resulting file. A new Browser output option is now available to open the results in a new browser tab.


PowerSchool Admin - Quick Import

In some instances when using Quick Import for Students, the dalx.log file will contain errors. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Reports

The Report of Sign-In Attempts does not properly filter using Source IP Address. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Reset Class Counts

When the Reset Class Counts function is run for a period in which the section does not have cycle days defined, the class count returns a value of 0. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Roles

While viewing the Admin Access and Roles tab of Security Settings for a user with access to the Data Export Manager Export/Edit Access group, refreshing the page adds a backslash (\) in the group name. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - School Info

The Define your school category link on the Edit School page results in an error. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Student Selection

When dropping a section enrollment with a DateLeft before the DateEnrolled the CC record is not deleted as expected. When this data condition exists it can result in an error when editing a record from the All Enrollments page. This issue is now resolved. The CC record will be deleted when this condition occurs. This issue applies to Tennessee customers.


PowerSchool Admin - Student Selection

In some instances, the Start Page displays a warning message indicating the student selection has been changed by another page, although no changes have been made. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Transfer

In some cases, the Graduated Students school may be missing from the Transfer To Another School drop-down menu. This issue occurs when another school's School Number ends with the Graduated Students School Number of 999999. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Admin - Truancy

Attempts to run the Truancy View report fail when the Minimum Age To Extract field is blank. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Localization

The Find Me icon does not support French localization. This issue is now resolved.

A new Date.Information DAT is now available as part of this issue resolution.


PowerSchool Localization

In Quick Lookup Settings, Additional Settings does not support localization. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Student Search

In some instances, incomplete results are returned when searching for students using the First Name parameter. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Teacher - Attendance

When taking attendance in the PowerSchool Teacher portal, the default date is not set to the current date. This issue is now resolved.


PowerSchool Teacher - Attendance

When taking attendance in the PowerSchool Teacher portal using the Show Multiple Sections option, the attendance indicator does not turn green for all sections once attendance is submitted. This issue is now resolved.


PowerTeacher Pro - Text ColorPowerSchool SIS inadvertently introduced the display of some scores in blue text instead of black. This issue is now resolved.PSF-40134

PowerTeacher Pro - All Reporting Terms

Under certain circumstances, when teachers edit scores for multiple students in multiple reporting terms on the All Reporting Terms page, the changed data would not be saved. This issue is now resolved.


PowerTeacher Pro - Assignment Scores

Under certain circumstances, teachers are unable to transfer assignment scores for a student for scores in the current term. This issue is now resolved.


PowerTeacher Pro - Assignments

When editing an assignment in PowerTeacher Pro to remove the description, a character (Â) remains in the field after submitting the change. This issue is now resolved.


PowerTeacher Pro - Rounding Grade Scale Values

Under certain circumstances, when an alpha grade scale is being used with numeric values with decimal places, PowerTeacher Pro is rounding the grade value and removing the decimal. This issue is now resolved


PowerTeacher Pro - Specific Standards Weights

Under certain circumstances, the specific weights assigned to standards for certain sections of specific courses would not appear in PowerTeacher Pro. This issue is now resolved.


Test Results Page Sorting In Descending Order Incorrectly

The Test Results page only sorts results by month and day, without the context of the year of the test. This issue is now resolved.


Removed Features/Future Deprecation

Legacy Look

In the PowerSchool SIS 2021 spring back-to-school release, the New Experience introduced in PowerSchool SIS version will be the only look that is available for the PowerSchool SIS Admin and PowerSchool SIS Teacher portals. The "classic look" will no longer be available. All users not already using the New Experience will be automatically transitioned. We are providing notification in advance so that districts have ample time to test and make changes to any impacted customizations.

(20.11) New Experience

PowerSchool Components

PowerSchool SIS is comprised of several software components, each versioned independently from one another. This allows for greater flexibility of component updates as new features and bug fixes become available. Some updates may include dependencies between components. These dependencies will be communicated and built into the component update installers to prevent PowerSchool SIS from being configured incorrectly. The following table identifies the version number for each PowerSchool SIS component in this release compared to the previous release:

ComponentVersion Number

PowerSchool SIS Server

PowerTeacher Gradebook






State Reporting

Report SDK

Amazon Corretto Java1.8u2621.8u262
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