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Parent Web Account Access

By default, parents can create their own access accounts in the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal. When a parent creates an account through self-registration, a matching mechanism automatically associates the account with existing contacts based on first name, last name, and email. Names and emails must be exact and return only one match result. Once the account is created, an email verification is sent to the parent containing a link that the parent must use to to sign in to their PowerSchool account within 24 hours of receiving the message. Once the parent signs in using the link, the parent can start using their account. If the parent does not sign in using the link and it expires, the parent can request a new link be emailed to them.

You have the option to create access accounts on behalf of the parents by disabling self-registration and then using the Data Import Manager to create access accounts. Once the access accounts are created, you will need to provide parents with their account information using the 'acctemail' (recovery email) and 'acctid' (username) values available in the Contact Information DATs. Once parents receive this information, they will need to reset their passwords the first time they sign into their new account using the Reset Password link. 

Once parent access accounts are created, whether by the parent or by your district, you can use the Contact Search to find and consolidate accounts more easily, as the search now returns results for both contact emails and parent access account emails. 

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