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Load Results Log

Similar to the build results log, the load results log displays the names of students it cannot schedule. It also provides possible reasons the engine did not run properly and alerts you to any potential issues the engine finds.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page.
  2. Under Processing, choose (Q) next to Load from the PowerScheduler menu.
    Use this page to import the student schedules after being loaded. For more information, refer to Import Student Schedules.
  3. Click View in the Results Log column of the appropriate row.

    If the build stops because of validation errors, the results log displays details about these errors. There are three types of errors:
    • Info: These messages are informational, such as "Course [x]: Rescheduled [x] students out of [x] (leaving [x] unscheduled)." These do not prevent a successful load.
    • Warning: These are "red flag" messages, such as "The teacher's preferred room is not suitable for the course the teacher is teaching." These do not prevent a successful load.
    • Error: These messages are validation errors that must be corrected in order for the engine to run, such as "Invalid valid term found in the Course file (does not match the term length)." These do prevent a successful load.

    For more information about validation messages, refer to Build Validation.
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