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Load Process: Load Constraints

Load constraints restrict the way the system loads students into courses. Define load constraints before performing a load. To compare results of a load with and without load constraints, first perform a load and then define load constraints.

PowerSchool contains six types of load constraints you can define. Use each one to constrain student schedules in a specific way. For example, use a Student Preference constraint to force a student to be scheduled in a particular teacher's section.

Since constraints restrict student schedules, the more constraints you define, the less flexibility the system has to load students into courses and the less optimal the resulting schedule will be. It is always best to use the fewest number of constraints required to accomplish your scheduling goals.

To view a list of load constraints and the number of each that have been defined for your schedule, choose Load Constraints from the constraints menu.

For more information about load constraints, refer to Define Load Constraints.

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