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List Staff Members

Use this page to generate a printable report of the currently selected staff members.

  1. Navigate to the Custom Staff Member List page. 
  2. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:


    Report Title

    Enter a report title.


    Numerical representation of the number of items that will appear on the list.

    Field Name

    Enter the name of the field.

    To insert a PowerSchool field into this field:

    1. Click Fields to view a list of PowerSchool fields.
    2. To narrow the list of fields, enter one of more search terms in the Filter field. Otherwise, leave blank.
    3. Click the field you want to add.

    To number the staff members on the printed list, enter *count in the Column 1 Field Name field.

    Column Title

    Enter the column title. This may or may not be the same as the field name. For example, to display birthdays on the printed list, title the column as Birthday even though the field name is DOB.

    Padding in Each Cell

    Enter the amount of space between the cell and the text in points.

    One point equals 1/72 of an inch.

    # Rows in Between Breaks

    This refers to the number of staff names to print before each break in the list. After each break, column titles are printed again. Enter 0 if you do not want breaks inserted.

    Other Options

    Select the Gridlines checkbox to draw lines between rows and columns and to put a border around the list.

    Select the Export checkbox to create the list in another application. If you deselect the checkbox, the list appears in your Web browser only.

    Optional: Sort Field Name

    Enter up to three field names to sort items in the selected columns or fields. For each field, choose to indicate the sort order by choosing ascending (>) or descending (<) from the Directions menu. If you select to sort more than one column/field, PowerSchool sorts them in the order listed.

    If you have never sorted a list before, it is a good idea to try different options here to view how list items are ordered each time.

  3. Click Submit. If it is formatted correctly, continue to the next step. If not, click Back, make the necessary changes, and click Submit again to preview the revised list.
  4. Click your Web browser's Print button to print the report.
    To fit more staff members on the page, change the paper layout or use the reduction setting on your Web browser. Choose File > Print. Make the appropriate selections in the Print dialog.
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